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Evaporation and the Void

Evaporation and the Void

L. Edgar Otto    26 June, 2012

Of course we do not mean that some idea of something is made from the nothingness, rather it is made from the wild card of the totality and in between.  This is the non-necessity as vaguely a more general analog for what we imagine the idea of uncertainty at the quantum level may add to that simpler (less philosophic in its implications) mechanism of creation and annihilation of particles.

We can vaguely think of systems between the uncertainty and nonnecessity, models such as vacuum pressure and points in certain (usually in complex space) positions of stability associated with things like the hats as relative or even false potential grounding on some space level.  In this sense, we can make analogy to the electronic force applied to lower structures such as strings an analogy to relative charges defined by abstract motion and (directions, vectors) to the more general idea of absolute, unified, or many-fold branes.

We then distinguish, on the philosophic level, what we may mean by solid objects and the space between them.  At what level does the discrete overcome the continuous span of an ideal incompressible fluid model.  There is no good reason to see such substance and the vacuum between them as not the same equivalent and indistinguishable our of the physical context of existence.  Nor when so distinguished it is a clear match or function and not somewhat a non necessary relation.

Incomplete models would suggest, as in the standard idea, that an atom or other measures of energy is in the motion of the particles more than the mass of the particles themselves as surely as it seems the density, or proximity between particles taken as a totality is mostly empty space.  It is the virtual particles at remote limits of the idea of quasic generations of structures that in principle contribute to this general but incomplete idea.  That is, the levels of the actuality of particles present in normal space and normal dimensions seems a hierarchy of levels of our sense of the reality of their existence as quasi visible or perceptible. This very sense of proximity of such objects is also a definition for the energy as well as of the relativistic and Planck varieties as formuli for measurement.

As the water metaphor and the information idea at the surface of black hole like objects the standard theory and strings do not explain the mechanism of evaporation in a unified detail, just the vague possibility by unexplained effects observed from particle physics not as foundation as it can be.  Entropy, informationally, is intimately related to our ideas of such evaporation as well as mechanisms of decoherence and these can be made clearer by the analysis of stereonometry, of the raw state and structure of things, and of the general flow as well as chaos that exist under the ideas of quantum uncertainty and its seething vacuum only nature.

In particular, beyond the contemplations of the Plato of the East, Narajala, two solid objects continuous and indistinguishable that touch implies to locate or recognize the touch, to in effect be able to orient things in general space, that it must be composed of sub parts.  But in the more modern view and here we see there are degrees of what can be considered in this paradox of any level of sub objects touching.  Such is the obvious first consideration of the idea of evaporation and the question of where objects and information go, that is literally evaporate into or even vanish.

The reduction of disorder, in its most general description, does not necessarily mean there is a negative entropy or one seeming so as relative, nor that the idea is forbidden as an active force despite ideas of negative probability likewise or the presumed grounding level of the lack of reality of negative distance.  Light and its multiplicity as if in the linear directions (with no ad hoc distinguishing time direction or imaginary directions assumes at any number of dimensions) is visible only by reflection to show in the flow as the idea of things seems the loops and swirls as if foam floating on a river that the evaporation is excluded as perpendicularity and if there is but illusion of repeated or cyclic reflections that too is invisible to an outside viewer as well the literal actual flow in time and over time of such states of turbulent oscillation.

In organic abstract systems, wherein we explain differences in the direction of view as in the measure of force differences of configuration analogies to electric fields and the idea of dark matter, the obvious view of Eddington as to the role of dimensionless constants that compliments those similar concerns of Dirac- the presumption of a finite yet variable average count of the numbers of protons (electrons) in the universe and the all important 120 and 136 mass ratios of the difference in forces- the atomic quason of maximum local singularity symmetry by those first attempts as quasic matrix arithmetical ideas this too applies to the unity of an organic system as a quason.  This too with the possibility of higher extensions in physics beyond this internal view state as the completeness of the totality of things- that we find that organic systems, physically if not as a realm of sentience, may in a sense communicate the aspects and processes of some theory of everything virtually or actually between each other.  Instincts of lesser animals have foundations therein.

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Robin's Egg Blues

L. Edgar Otto  26 June, 2012

Late into spring I removed the cobwebs and opened the front door to the porch where I startled the robin's nest at eye high view in the small tree

I saw the daddy fly down before me with a broken wing I the intruder in his greater realm safe an in it the nest built if only temporary and in that four eggs

Shutting the door I peeked through the window careful to make noise to get them used to me, to let them return to the business of life mine too the ancient instincts

Featherless the squabs hatched, the swallowed fireflies made a beacon in their bellies and one day I see two of them fall out and two left behind cold and still

I put them back but the mother bird would push them out and preened the sleeping ones, stay near.  Eventually I removed them and put those alive back she cared for again

These three chambered hearts are more ancient than we, who knows what they sense in life's rhythm that they can so see the colors to revive to create them again

What sort a God am I to test them, make for them a trail that in the end if they learn obedience bring a family back from the poverty of ole Job's turkey winter hollow eyed?

I have endured broken wings, not the sense that the last born commands the heart of woman even if without the stolen child she holds long the broken dolls

Last into the world first out is not natural to unthinking man inside the woman closer to creative God she keeps her eye on the deeper reflections, stalking eyes

The moon suspends the embryo or the body alone struggles to heal or abort what the universe has given it indifferent but not the rainbow God

My soul so suspended and in triage with the holding on to the past, the helpless birds to which I like the prophet puts beak to leak my blood to feed them

Time does not heal the loss nor the roles of our endless courtship summers and meaningless switching partners my heart too cooled to know joyfully their own nestlings

I behold the firstborn of my firstborn and my heart is breaking but is it just the moment, an old lover says I'm looking good but we know no old fires rekindled

She, as I was thinking the same thing, where did I know him?  Perhaps some better path, some stronger unfilled bond beyond our warm four chamber forgotten hearts

The depth of love and its dangers in the moment and the overwhelming vastness of space forgiven and unforgiven
that the germ takes and is fulfilled

I find the shells of the robin's egg and can hardly call them blue as well their breasts are more orange than red we who see and sing less than the thrushes truer colors

* * * * * * * * *

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