Monday, June 11, 2012

Tangential Ideas

Tangential Ideas

L. Edgar Otto   10 June, 2012

1. X-Quasixtals:

Can there be a super-quasixtal analogous to quasixtals but at present having no explored pattern as even a mathematical couriosity?  By this I do not necessarily mean the symmetries involving nuclear magnetic resonance but more of a supersymmetric and dark or hidden (calyptic) variety.

2. Movie Geek Physicists:

In applications to planes (branes) of matrices as in the movie The Matrix we have to choose between the red or the blue pill to imagine an impossible synthesis as a  purple one.

3. Immutations:

I find it remarkable that the mother and the child can share the same biological symbiosis where the epigenetics as if a social or cultural thing is the higher (hypertext) reading of the code.  What deeper genetic systems await our understanding and how logical it seems that if certain drugs disrupt development on the epigentic level it so effects these higher reaches of gene expression the individual development.  This too can be delayed in time or cued stimuli encountered across generations and relates to the totality of the organism as problems of computational time where one thing is the omnic analog as if a faster metalanguage

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You Were no Angel

L. Edgar Otto     08 June, 2012

Chapter 1 - Biscayne Bay

Chapter 2 - The Old Country

Chapter 3 - Pamlico Sound

Chapter 4 - Tidewaters

Chapter 5 - Pertty Boy Felix


Eva Gunn
Porky Gunn
George (Gran) Gunn
Papa (Eddie Lee Gabrilein)
or "Scorp"
The Several Wonders of Nickelodeon:

Television Tower
Globe in the Magic Shop
Ocean View Amusement Park
Good to the Last Drop
Neon Ice House Cubes
Hall of Mirrors at the Savoy
Turtle or the Flying Fortress
The Ferry and the Tunnel
The Hague and
MacArthor Memorial on the Hague
Venus Moored in the Hague

Other Scenes:

A Rose for Aunt Ruby
Telstar and Echo, Sputnik
Olney Steals the Conch
The China Berry Tree
Sychamore Ball


From a child's view the antics of adults are the ground of deep reality and drama.  This carries over the deep drama in society and the world.

Part of individual growth is getting pass these stages, or rather some can be trapped in the reality of a stage so as not to pass on to a certain level of greater maturity.

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Matrix and the Body Electric

I see Lubos is still trying to claim back to Feynman the ideas of matrix theory and that of branes-  I thought I would post these informal novel and tangential ideas (for want of other things to write today as I will be off line on my own computer) It seems he is rather getting behind me and well, there is some question of a limit to enlightenment speed and he seems only to go backwards in time from one established point of departure.  I mentioned the article on crinkling on Matti's blog as an application and here I tried to post ideas on a wider chemistry of symmetry.  The fuzzy torus thing I discussed in detail a few posts back, Lubos.  Somebody should give you a purple pill.

Now, if this is coincidence do you all not find it remarkable?

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