Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gene Code Beyond Maximum Symmetry

Gene Code Beyond Maximum Symmetry

L. Edgar Otto   23 June, 2012

Within a unified field or general abstract structure of space we can imagine a triplet codon to contain stereonomic sub structures that as a generalized field exceeds maximum symmetry, that is in the standard terms to be beyond the idea of octonions as the exceptional group that resolves the said limitations of bosonic string theory.

The shadows, without this concept of a more general idea of symmetry, 'hypersymmetry' to coin a working phrase, has to go beyond our ideas of complex space or the application to higher dimensional resolution of spinors and vectors and the approach of pertubations and permutations that present a possibility of diversity of path developments including those that resolve a particular organic structure.

The totality of an organism may have several global permutation states realized, all at some level viable. In a sense the octonions as such factor informationally as a system or theory into the quaternions so we are not simply limited to a fixed or dynamic idea of vagueness in the application of information in the depths or surface of holograms.

From my time of sleeping homeless by the river but keeping watch, all that developing symbolism of which the physics of it was an influence but hidden as part of the poetry, my idea was to imagine what we know of the general ideas of string theory explicitly applies to the reading of the gene code as well the concept that at certain descriptions the idea of black holes also applies to the structures.  But that this may be like or subtly different from my recent reading (that is for me to understand something beyond at least one exposure to the information, to understand it at the level it applies in depth, I in effect must independently discover the concept in myself) of Boson ideas of string theory (I googled the wiki article yesterday and the haunting similarity since I am familiar with my own language I can see the points missed where the use of what appears shared terms may say something quite confusing or different to other thinkers.)

The mechanism envisioned, and the promise of greater and wiser control of our tinkering and establishing this complexity of organic code is beautiful of course but it seems that we can have higher stages of beauty to which perhaps this idea like symmetry resonates with what is so aesthetic of such arts and structures felt or seen within us.

At this stage of our scientific and theoretical enquiry it is perhaps too soon to explore these regions of which I can come close to describe as that beyond maximum symmetry at least to the next level- but I think there is good reason to take the exploration seriously even if it is controversial and more abstract than the mathematics of which we try to establish physics as string theory... lesser theories that are too conservative in my view as if in a mirror seems to become the anomaly in the face of more unified and general views rather than a sea of such impinging on the physics game of our era.  The physical discovery of quasi crystals for an example or that we still find fundamental new and surprising things in chemistry bonding's, as with Boron.

So the new and naive generation of mystics and scientists may toy with the idea of E8 and such, the teratogenic monster groups as if the ground of the world were a more complete and unique symmetric heaven- or they may realize the simple extensions into the five fold symmetries of the icosahedron- all to create in their great grand speculations and just beyond as if their own discovery that comes with education or understanding. 

From the great cosmic library (which has works stored more in a cylinder or helix form as I once dreamed as a youth and read a small fraction of them) I wonder at some who steal the books therein without realizing that should they visit the library again they will not be able to access a volume.  Now while one my justify the most stolen book, the Bible, as some act for faith that is given away anyway I find it rather low class for those who tear pages out of books- worse are the antique dealers who break a book apart and sell the maps individually.  Scavengers who auction what they do not even care for of contained wisdom.

Now it may not be that these higher symmetric realms do any better a job of explaining things like the nature of our consciousness although that is a noble goal to explore yet is most likely even more complicated than the gene code, but I do have a sense that while the metaphors of so much of my poetic work gone that the universal structure ideas survived in the influence- some things survive the loss of love that changes with its own rules as does the wind- a certain sense, vague, of what is conserved in the chaos of symmetry of our thoughts and dreams.

* * * * * 
Crisis Flight and Fleeing Fighting Souls

L. Edgar Otto   23 June, 2012

Not always one with the unity of our hearts
That our understanding heals us incomplete in fits and starts

Time is not the precious moment, pearls we cannot waste
We reflect in pacing back and forth our loops, walks in space

Save who decides what is smarts, street wise tastes arise

Imprisoned by ourselves or chains,  faith in fear of guards
Thankful for the brief golden sunlit hours, castle prison yards

Between cities alive while flight, sleeping in waiting rooms Dreamless nothingness, wedding guests, best men, grooms

We celebrate our mirror souls still shards confined to wombs

Praise the solitude but cannot cross some bridge
Stand by heights even in solitude knee shaking brow ridge

Castles staked out as well our isolation or with our kind
Of the same flesh or uniform, known sheep, of like mind

Why read cross road signs at some edge life's fruit but rind?

The now, chains past, false futures promised, dreams to last
Hard time and pardons, worn cards consumed, four in bridge

Hearts and spades, luck of those enslaved, by our universe,   dream watch we cannot win, soul unkind its dress rehearse

Golden spiral whelk shells unwind, leaving its Devil's purse.

* * * * *


  1. Supersymmetry or hypersymmetry resembles much the negative Negentropy as term.

  2. Indeed, I did not transfer part of the next post one which evaluates the various string theories from my view (including on one of Matti's as part of a parallel view in the greater symmetries) and one that puts forth new ideas in this realm of superdupper symmetries and so on.

    A Cherokee Brave Looks down at String Theory and

    Eternal or Everlasting Particles (but have to go home to download it from off line puter.

    Once we get past the words or terms and try not to confuse them we need a conceptual leap- but it is worth looking at my informal take on what has become physics in the last couple of decades.

    The PeSla (hypersupernegentropy? complex superhyperasymmetry? I wonder if the combining of words and the disambiguation in a theory is enough to help us understand? I wonder also as in the poem above that the knowing of such things will help our souls and hearts heal.)

  3. I wonder also as in the poem above that the knowing of such things will help our souls and hearts heal.

    For that you need not know these things, they are more prone to hinder and postpone the healing.

    For healing you need to go into yourself and your motives, and preferences. If you dare to look enough deep there is all you need to know. And in fact you may even get to know these things when your heart is pure, as a bonus. And many, many other things.