Monday, June 4, 2012

Super Calyptic Cubes

Super Calyptic Cubes

L. Edgar Otto  03 June, 2012

I present here further extension of the idea of calyptic cubes in the count of structures for visualization of space by way of the permutations of color.  This shows the intelligibility of the count but as a puzzle I have not made the distribution of the faces in a general ordering if any, I assume there is such a puzzle and quite imagine it as easy to solve as complex to invent but only the extreme puzzle buffs would like it or those who wish some way to see the possibilities of space symmetry.

Now an article in science daily suggests that quantum computers where their is a state neither off nor on opens up the possibilities of simulating particle interactions much more efficiency than our colliders.  While this is to some extent true, a coherent theory beyond the first blush of quantum abstraction will already have the theory to which this first blush hope suggests or hint at for a method.  Computation where it is a unified theory in the stereonomic or space structure is quasic computation that fits the reality of the possible in our existing.  The zero point idea, as a variation on a type of zero, is only the boundary of such a philosophy of applied science.

Color as a quality of non necessity at a point or center is a wild card for a theory or existence in the centers between  remote scales or at or toward the extremes of the remote as local or not local ideas of scaling.

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  1. In Square cube , you made four cube in one face of cube and similarly you did 16 cubes with 4 cubes . Awesome Work . You know , this is really possible . Very dynamical .