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Love in the Dead Zone

Love in the Dead Zone

L. Edgar Otto   01 June, 2012

If the vacuum in a sense can be said to have a structure and this structure with reference to some center of space can be interpreted as if a surface of a sphere, that which exists and does not exist as a more generalized space is not a clear or rigid distinction.

Rolands principle (a  metaphysics) becomes more of a dynamic principle where we can distinguish entities in the indistinguishable realm of purpose, specifically least action of light.  Light on the surface or in shells of such centered spheres from the narrow view or at some imagined end or origin is at one with its intention thus defines from some view a conserved quantity as well the induced other (as "the rest of the universe") a span as if the continuity of the range while indefinite and bounded of a sea of chance and chaos.

In the reduced description, in abstract fields and processes we describe life, especially in an organic entity as an individual or collective organic system, efficiently and with intelligibility of possible states and changes of state that we can clearly mark the boundary of what exists and does not exist as if at some precise event or spacious moment.

This idea from looking again at the foundations comes up in our theories that deal with issues of the quantum cat- if it can be alive or dead at different times or at the same time.  The "dead zone" is considered a boundary within by which organic processes have paths that enter it and the entity vanishes instantly and rapidly into ceasing its functions. But this is not that clear in the balance of processes of which it is no accident that nature that replicates and sustains a cell is also the same process that makes them undone if they become diseased or broken.

Nature is balanced at the mirror of this black hole and creative entity, the hole in our hearts. It is not clear from different views, emphasis of a physics, that the black hole has nothing internal beyond the zero consideration of thermodynamics.  While there can be several proposals for a fourth such law below the surface a null law may apply deeper than the intelligible balance of temperature or entropy.  Ideas of hidden symmetry and new physics, or of deeper motives for our consciousness grounding and behaviors, speaks for this more general view among possibilities.

The  comprehension of this theory may have disconcerting effects on those who understand- for it shows that the line between existing and not existing may have dynamics of change as if there is no clear reality between the living and the dead, the creative or the empty heart, the escape from some region of which the light cannot pass or to which to reach such a horizon from some view it takes forever.  So to this can be a source of wisdom and comfort even as we walk the same streets in different times and different colors of history as if time like a mountain full of echos has the memory of ghosts who ride the haunting within our selves as if those who take a long time to finally die, our myths too of half alive angels or greater or lesser aliens in our day- any such myth that deals with the superficial cut into the boundaries that can make us heed them only where we take them as real- thus to ground our delusions and in a sense we become the disembodied ones to move and create things in this world.

Yet is this not the act itself of human love making, the relation to the hollows of the flesh as well of the heart that mixes then to make imperfect blood its oxygen, yet it makes some sense we monsters of design not the best and yet the best of the possible as we reach to higher chambers of our reptile hearts?  What then is it that can be filled but the filling and the promise beyond a closed and self seeking sentient life if they want more and are creative of their own will and not the release of the shallow evil in this world so many who are but machines or prey and predators for all it matters, tooth and claw to others, scavengers and thieves, naked apes with spears?

Although there is book of love the universe itself is such a book and the history is not clear it leads so some ultimate conclusion or even can fail to do so- and while the ghosts of ex lovers take so long to die there is the door slammed shut somewhere and sometime, and sometimes new awakenings of that totally new.  We are only as strong as our engagement with the strength of evil, and those are lesser spirits that crumble as but an artifact of our soul in the world here and now that can be, and through us, to come.  The surface of the dead zone is where we dwell when life is weighted and counted as all things truly weighed and the action is in this zone in the cleavage, not in the indifference of the light nor what in non existence cannot matter its failed stars who tried and were forgotten, left wanting more even in the superficial drama, being creative and immersed in the illusion we can prove or not there is no universe, that we can gain the remote of ends and beginnings, or not have to repeat it all and start again having learned nothing in that mirror in our theory's as a house of mirrors made that we forget.

I walk by the river where the young immigrant soldier boarded the steamboat for the war down river. He just a kid really with fresh uniform and airs.  He does not see his bleeding ears as the cannon balls pound the ironclads in his still unforeseen future life.  He sneers at me, my accent as I walk along in song in colors of my South, an accident of origins. I bid him a good voyage and toss him a double Ole Abe eagle he can save to make a union.  We one people now but full of lingering lesser ghosts. I pass the old grade school, hear the children singing of the Maine and war in the Philippines-  one dead zone burying the other, one new season of the beautiful flowers that for a haunting second were not unique, nor alive as much as footnotes made if we care to look by the dead.

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