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The Body Electric and the Magnetic Body

The Body Electric and the Magnetic Body

L. Edgar Otto   26 June, 2012

An organism is a quason body and by an analogy to basic electrodynamics as in antennae it can be more a stringy higher general space concept or a loopy one in the symmetry.  A body itself as a central space of nonnecessity between the two possibilities being organic concerns the paradox akin to the questions on the quantum cat that it can be interpreted in various ways as the relation to it being dead or alive.

The usual questions also arise concerning he idea of monopoles of which one might consider them, they being at some node of the abstract unified topological geometric dynamic space (UTGD) as a neutral and directly not observable, forceless, one and many-fold iota complex or potential quason.  It in relation to the electric body at rest or in abstract motion this is like our description of Majorana information particles beyond the idea of information and this of course applies to neutrino objects too. At each node, a sort of coordinate or frame between such super-electrodynamic space intervals we can impose usual philosophic issues of the nature of causation and in matters of sentience issues and disorder place there a Maxwellian demon where the issue may be nonneccesarily present or in the quasized logic return from the chaos intermittently.

This logic can be intelligibly expressed along the lines of treating black holes (also as if the mouths of Pitkanen wormholes) as particles to break or form into the usual real and virtual particles of which we are now familiar with.

A quason, as if the only structure intelligible real or imagined in reflections to perceived but receding infinty of a totality of space or an expansion or deflation (not the concrete condensing and not compactification ideas) as a worm hole or (let us call them) nematodes, can have sub systems of an intelligible count not all present any more than the successive totality of the number of electrons possible in an atom of three space matter is but potentially actually present in any one atom. In the electric body these nematodes are like the number of monomarks of Eddington being 120 elements in a 256 vector coordinate space, his Uranoid as a fundamental theory of quantum relativity unification of 1929.

In the magnetic body (as I think I understad Pitkanen's contemplations on the matter and answers to the structural questions that seems to apply and ground some issues of organic life as a higher science) this same number is realized in the potential paths at certain nodes or collections of nodes which is the basis for connections between cells and other forms of relatively isolated objects that seem to be at a distance in some respect for the hidden symmetires.

But just as for Eddington we can insert these figures into the general power symmetry of two in the computation we expect at each node rather fractally we can do the same and perhaps continue this.  The question of the technical addition of one to his 136 or some fraction thereoff is answered by the quasic matrix on one hand and the Mersene aspects of p-adics discerned by Pitkanen on the other.  There are of course multiple levels but how many, if important as it can pin down certain values similar to what others have tried to do with string theory for example, or with the simple formulism of counting as in computation in binary by addition, or even the formalism of complex vectors as so applied to things like octonions and so on as if beyond them where possible or even where of a higher open generality.

In the general and omnic space of bodies it is obvious and reasonably intelligible in the descriptions that TGD wormholes on the level that the apply and with adjacent levels if we so restrict the model for purposes of clarity in model building, introduce the necessary negative moments of rigidity both conceptually and literally to abstract objects that the wormholes may connect with the creative Leo Vyuk like creative quason like bodies and these decay topologically.  Such connections exist as body force between the general idea of nuclei (organic and atomic) and the clouds of real and virtual shells that surround them.

By logic such as the braid work of Shephard these abstract structures are of intelligible extensions of matrices and of discrete count for such singularity complexes as if filling higher space voids or nodes provided the body numbers are meaningfully adjusted to find out what the range or exact formula of the quasi decimal or quasi intergers result from extended contributions on all derrivative levels as well these averaged.  In this sense both the pertubations and the combinations with all possiblities considered connect to the abstract dimensions involved intelligibly in the body space.

Thus we apply to the foundations the motivation and the intelligible reading of cosmic and gene codes with of course the modifications I mention elsewhere as principles in order that these models can be viewed as well grounded foundationally.  For example how does the directionality of the reading and the chirality of it is determined or determines the state of things that are contained, error codes on many joint dimensional levels or the sub symmetry breakings contained from the abstractly rigid sense of natural dimensions.

I offer you in the illustration the usual paradox of this chirality as it applies to the human face in the echange of right and left-  I do not especially like what I see now as I have a clear memory of wavy hair and smooth skin as a child that seems all the more present-  getting older seems to simply "suck" as this new generation says it.  Yet clearly if there is the equivalent of a black hole that surrounds that of my mind it is loosing more and more hair, so to speak.  Still, I am amazed it is a surprise to the medical and biological community that hair growth or the scaring thought by cholesterol (we recognize but one of its 256 carbon chiral forms) turns out to be a matter of the remote conditions, as with actual initial ones of these islands in the stream of time- that is germ cells.  The greatest surprises seem to be that challenged that seemed to us so long the standard and the obvious.

I add, in the general idea of Perpendicularity, that which is beyond any given model, some transcendent sense of dimension, that if we need between the electric and magnetic body some analog to mediators, especially if this involves matters of faith in the healing thru spirit an we can direct these as if intensions, we call these  Ullaons for these could ground our great struggle of which we all share in one degree or another of the body of our minds as the connections and desire for hard work of learning, of thinking, and when it is safe for us, dreaming. But these are not to be considered wormholes or nematodes nor even quasons as we still attach to the roots way before the budding flowers of the tree of mathematics have bloomed.

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