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Physics of the Omnium

Physics of the Omnium

L. Edgar Otto    09 June, 2012

The general space of things that exist and do not necessarily exist composed of iota's, point-string like entities that can be interpreted in a wide variety of arithmetical and geometric objects and their dynamics as physicality is one (or many) realities as a unified description.

The differences are also matters of relative scale and velocity or mirror relations of equations of rest and motion.  That we can model the self consumption of black holes that a few survive and others are smaller or suppressed is the beginning of this unified theory as a description of thermodynamics.

As these are physicality in effects, physics is a game like hypertext and as far as information transferred goes, in general the rate of the dynamics is faster as text than as its breaking down into assembly code bits.  This grounds ideas that can be intelligible to the foundations where physics is neutral but subjective-like in its idealism as a grounding reality.  This a central problem as to what is the nature of unitary or multiple consciousness in philosophy or its reduction to mechanism, as philosophy. In the hyper state the text or message, signal, transferred can be thought of as the only relevant grounding, physics and not the mathematics or geometry necessarily as the limits of what can be fundamental as reality.

String theory in its earlier forms cannot be a complete description, nor ideas of a plane if it is not realized that the plane itself is a series of moving pictures where the meaning describes the development so far of the corresponding mathematics and its degeneracy vaguely as non-linear nature.  It is not a matter of illusion that even in the view of a plane as quadratic curves the areas can be imagined to have depth, this a given as well as gain of our growing sentience.

Ideas like dark matter, of which we may desire to hold it analogous to particles of physicality only, are not necessarily visible or describable in rigid measurement although there can be more of it in the description of this quasi-physical space than what is visible or inferred in current physical terms such as anomalies of structures in decay or the felt need for the balancing of equations based on conservation axioms or that of momenta or the array of new quantum and symmetry processes.  Our local world is wider than what we experience as to the location or decay of our artifacts such as buildings yet these are present and can be sensed as if only in the fulcrum of some unique perspective as existential moments or at a distance also but not necessarily connected in view of our ordering of the world in universal events, moments.  Physics needs to expand these ideas and show the range of where the identity and contiguity is and why and to what extent all such super-quantum cats are ultimately to be considered real in such a more complete general space.

In other words,  while the quasic idea is a physics and is grounded on bits of information (with the wild cards) the Omnium is vaguely somewhere between philosophic and physical ideas of a space continuum, much like how we may have to view particles in the extremes of our equations at the foundation not clearly objective or independently subjective.  That the Higgs (again this a crutch of our intuition) can be conceived as part of a higher, even cascading style entity in the supplying of mass (to which we have to resolve the same hypertext planes as if a description, not necessarily intimate with one idea of the resulting phenomenon we call gravity or even the rigid idea that "dark energy" is the cause of cosmic acceleration in a flat regime at least for all practical purposes) as tenable an idea as at the remote foundations.

From this sense we can ask if in the interpretation of astronomical objects some things act or misinterpreted as the reverse in a sort of mirror dynamics (of which it is not sufficient in the equations to turn the superscripts to the subscripts without a more general and specific justification). In terms of a brane like picture and beyond of a plane the hypertext and the visualization in speed can change places and generalize even the question of NP hard time issues (of which it should become obvious QM cannot yet address even with infinite integration and computation in finite time or mystically the vague idea of no time).  We cannot rigidly interchange the scripts without such higher views where in the end the text and the visual is the same foundation. I suggest color codes may act to transmit much more information within a visual for example than the established system which does relate to more general ideas of entanglement.

Many ethical and aesthetic questions arise based on our core philosophies- are we just machines or animals with the secret of our psyches the flight from pain or toward pleasure.
Are we just a fleeting array of atoms doomed to dissolution and decay and filled with various dreams of worlds that can be dynamic, or possible in its treatment of nothingness and infinity and the urge to hold some sort of unity of being awhile even if its negation is psychologically a glorification of this urge as a life value progressive and absolute.  You know the philosophers and the stages of civilization of which they were influential within- but what more can come from our wide and creative intuitions and imagination.  Yet we are perplexed that these can be questions on the fringes as philosophy we try to make intelligible as physics so again deny outwardly what is perhaps in the depths of many minds.
Denial of this social dynamics in some specific form for me is a case of dishonesty and an impediment to abundance and maturity for those who take interest in thought, in the why of it.

The boundaries of theory are not so much a mystery as a reference to break down from to form other useful theories of totality, a standard of the new as at least an intuitive guide.  The boudaries of a culture or society if they can be compared is a measure of its philosophy as well as thought of which the agenda or ideology is all too often a model of control of the possiblity of thoughts, and the minds and hearts of this rather wonderful state of such beings together compared to the sterile infertile aspects of our beliefs of what the universe is.  Social ideas are often only too powerful to the extent they are wrong or polarize the common sense of the people, as living philosophies their lifespan of the day is mortal.  Social science is not accidentally a separate thread of development, involving marketing also, that relies on statistics as the main mathematics.  It may or may not match well with the physical states in actuality or with the proposed ideas for and against some ways to intervene on real or fantasies of a problem.  I find it no coincidence that the idea of black holes, like most spiders in the cocoon as if survival of the fittest if they can hatch out (the wolf spiders grow larger into a tangled mass and do not eat each other and the mother has to open the case and later carries them on her back) is compared to global warming in a big bang scenario like expanding universe.

Clearly, we define ourselves politically as if on a wheel with unclear ideas as to which the loxidromic poles are slavery or freedom and depending on conquest or the numbers of people with some belief in a system of state we can define a group and its position as to what it is diametrically opposed to. Conservatives rail against the communists, and Liberals see the Fascists everywhere, for an example.  But this description is as secure in these changing times as the color wheel or the spectrum.  Much of it will be an old cartoon panel with jokes only those on the inside of their generation will get and evoke a healthy laughter.  We can probably divide people into those who imagine some evil as the real but given some other circumstances that defines them as an opposite- say the idea that a Satan is a weapon of faith, is this question of the self and where has naturally developed or not as but a superficial belief.

I cannot but speculate on the foundational cause, should it not be as simple as recruiters filling quotas with a generation raised on drugs thus hiding pre-existing conditions, what is the experience or cause that we have almost one a day suicides from the war in Afghanistan.  But it must affect a wider group of civilians including all combatants.  It is a problem as debatable as the reality or source of global warming as our society enters a wider or transcends our ideas of theory at the beginning of the post-alphanumeric age.  If in my lesser struggles I have survived wounds of the soul, the heart and family, I imagine it is the interest in things scientific that keeps me a human being- and that is important even in the expediencies of war.

But the Omnium as an idea and what can be decided by my intuition for the reality of such things as quasi-crystals in three space that intelligibly follows that in the plane came to me at least as far back as year of the death of Einstein at the so called beginnings of the atomic and space ages.  Much depending on this was a matter of filling in the colors of the paint by number dreams, some of it in naive prayer.  And at each stage, even seeing whole systems of theory crumble, I felt a sense of completeness achieved and yet there is always the next and better book of poems.  Somewhat surprised I have survived so long I did not foresee 40 years ago I would have painted such a wider and more complicated picture than that seemed then to arrive at what seems close to the simple truth. I am not in my father's world but someplace new and it is in our here and now if not some greater awakening.  Yet, I always have been in a sense.

* * * *
I wanted to mention the advanced hacking, the flame, and the issue of it covering its tracks in our present virtual world and coming through Window's updates.  In terms of information the system suggested here somewhere between touch and sight, stealth and universal visibility, suggests that this is something that cannot endure and can be fixed- but as to do doing this by hoped for quantum methods, digitally at least, I have my doubts.  Physics will remain a hidden threat to all social and political systems if it does not advance at the foundations, even in this virtual world that treats in effect that awakening as a sentience to be watched.  But geometry is a matter of touch also- so we raise the philosophic issue and one, like president Clinton mentioned as a child of television what effect this will have on our children of the wrist radio dream and texting.  I have come from old black and white movies but have gone through all these ages of the media except I never liked much the age of gaming.

Bloggers, I tried a bit to develop outlines for a novel tentatively titled "You Were No Angel" after an old country song- that is where I have been lately off line.

A sentimental and universal novel, and yet it may be before my eyes the ordinary people I came to realize were worth writing about may not be so to the changing generation.  In the end our loneliness and breaking of love in its wayward symmetries has to be alive at least in the moment- some of us are held prone to a place by the ever increasing gravity or in some of us the dreams are such we can rise each time the gravity lighter.  Praise then that I have known you and deeply and marvel if you ask do I remember you.  What is the greater burden, the impatience with our fellows and progress in theory also a joy of discovery, compared with the care and mystery by our deeply and truly knowing each other as worthwhile creatures that I am but gifted in their mystery of their minds and my memory?

* * * * *

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