Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arithonomy (Hyper-sequences and Reflections)

Arithonomy  (Hyper-sequences and Reflections)

L. Edgar Otto   21 June, 2012

I. Some General Concepts:

*The square of the cosine in the generation of primes of the whole part sends the values to probability ranges between zero and one, that is the impossible and the possible.

*The twin primes form a sequence that converges.

*Higher layers, in a honeycomb of a cycle of successive duality of five lattices corresponds to the dimensions of the reflective symmetry of natural dimensions.

*The binary roots of negative numbers correspond to this property of expanding from a finite set of zero and one to that which can be in between in the complex arithmetic.

*Oscillations are equivalent to models of projective duality of complimentary and inverse complimentary geometrical objects.

*By inverse complimentary I mean we can travel a quasic and reflective space in terms of abstract binary coordinate structures where we so distinguish the fields or the functions as binary relations themselves of the total space model.

*The universal and existential analysis of these abstract motion constitute the super symmetry operations.

*In the imagined duplication of abstract continuous spaces as complimentary we can interchange the continua with the binary notation relative to the base of the dimension such as ten base literally and have a dialectical relation.

*We can label with descriptive symbol if in the sequences and series we count from the center or from the perhiphery.

*As a general quasi-finite model this may go a long way to break down the calculations containing very large numbers depending on accumulated succession so as to establish in a simpler formula the state of primacy of a number than those we have that are impractical in the view of the infinite.

* * *

II. The Count of Structural Elements in General Representations:

(More to be Forthcoming;)

*In the enumeration of the possibilities as regards the structure of polynomials of various powers and subcombinations as if a number we follow the usual patterns such as those of Pascal's triangle as corresponding to the skeleton of a reduced but general dimensional stacking system.

*It is not clear that we can ridigly decide at the extemes where in the recuctionist (Kantian) count that all the aspects of the non-linear is a complete arithmetic- and that is all there is.

*But in the reduction the relative force of such continua at the quasic boundaries cyclic or open the measure of such should be intelligible from some non necessary laws of quasi finite centers and consideration.

*If the sequences of numbers generally diverge then one can imagine the universe in a steady state of divergence with the lesser general laws of looping, including restraints of growth and acceleration.  The measure also of what is locally or existentially missing as defects of mass of the equations or as universally some level of influcence of what seems to be an idea of gravity.  It is not clear that higher dimensions and symmetry imply that stored in the forces is a greater value although of course on the same level such differences in measure can be realized.  But what of the Omega values- are these within reach for an intelligible description of a physical theory of measure?

*The promiscous influence between two existentially centered objects (as a focus of sensation or energy or not) as non necessary and quasifinite may not be  nor may exclude ideas of randomness outside of physical parameters.

*Access to differeneces of forces requires a solution to such equations as if a problem in cryptology that requires some aspect of the exponential limits to some significant figure of the compass of its state or rate of time.  In a nonnecessary and quasifinite universe the accuracy of prediction as in the quantum theory (interpreted as grounded perhaps in indeterminancy) describes but does not provide evidence it is the totality of theory where nothing more fundamental is needed.  By this I mean where QM also relates to GR as this is part of the issue to explore.

* * * * *

Footnote: Once one has the general structure in the mind's eye it makes so many abstract concepts, in coordinate and informational terms, easily visualized as if one is playing elaborate paths in a sort of unified chess game...that is perhaps the strength of an Euclidean skeleton with the color of physics on it as the meat.  It is a clue to how we organize our sensations and perceptions.  It is Questions and Answers (quana) made clear when we explore the higher symmetries that from the heights we need no justification of what may seem incompatible theories and such a skeleton is a stepping stone to still further concepts and reasons internalized in our imaginations.  I would have said some things differently but I need to find a better notation before I submit them.

* *
Footnote:  Finally I got to read in peace Clawsons book on numbers and with new understanding including mysteries of which the ideas are in a phase of progress toward theory I call the Ramanijan phase... Clearly the continued radicals or fraction involving 1 and phi are mysterious here but seem to be the fact that from one view point these can be evaluated as zero or one-or-zero much like my intuitive sense of such numbers being a law of existence 1 or 0 and a wild card equal to it.

I also am working on certain shifting patterns in the quasi grid involving primes less than 17... as I have a sense this could be useful.  But I have not have time to work this out in detail enough to post.

* * * * * * * *

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