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A Generalization of String Theory

A Generalization of String Theory

L. Edgar Otto     25 September, 2012

A unified theory is not necessarily a generalized theory.  From a deeper view of foundations we can have an alternative generalization of string theory and to a great extent it resembles organic systems.  These trends of thought and learning can be in conflict to the actual or wider picture and where so, in the usual debate as to what is a Platonic or what a formalism stance, amounts to the questioning of creative science and philosophy in physicality and actuality, a quasi-metaphysics considered.

The current attempt to apply and generalize string theory is that of branes as if to expand ideas of dimensions as we understand them.  But a string is considered more or less a linear element reduced to nothingness as the ground to refer to all constants in nature and general measure of scale, and physics functions- it has zero volume. 

Much follows from this speculation that fits to a degree or an acceptable level of the contained anomalies pushed to the actuality of the utility and coherent description of physical functions and systems.  One such divide is how we regard phenomena of expansion or compactification.  A more general string independent or within the context of a more unified system is more a singularity complex that is reduced to an interval as a general string thus of a more diffuse volume which also raises the question of what is the meaning of continuous and discrete in such quasifinite systems.

But given such an entity as a string complex singularity it can act discretely as one isolated entity or in a sense we can ask of it if it at lease potentially contains recursions or copies of itself diffusely or focused to the diagonal that highlights it in a general multidimensional but condensed matrix of matrices.

Such a string model can moreover express the teleoscoping of the thematic content including the metaphysical sense of looping in space or time and in the containment in shells in shells of the content of mass and charge analogs.  This again relates to number theory at its most fundamental level where the many and the one meet as if to declare an integer, and that difference in the prime and natural integers (much as in Kepler's idea of God as the geometrician his models relating to a wider sphere for the scale of things to frame in at least 3D his first scientific falsifiable system of the world) as the general metaphor where creative science meets creative philosophy and where generalized string theory meets the current standard approach.

The brane idea is better generalized also as quasics and the generalization of quasics as generalized brane theory but the term string and brane ultimate describe one system of reality under the general term String Theory.  In any case for the stringers out there the quasimetaphysics of all this should make strings all the more real, as well the role in reality of what in an organic systems can help make a factual foundation for the various theories of evolution.  All this as a background for the general stance on the mysteries of cell differentiation and integration. 

This in particular seems to be enhanced by the dimensional views of the application of prime number colors of so many dimensions of which progress is rapid in molecular biology as a method of showing the various development of patterns in an organism.  In the wider fields of expression the integrated singularities also intelligibly relate to the many or one directionality (of purpose and action) thus replication as geometrically ideas of bifurcation such that we must ask more of the nature of space than the usual why is the world three dimensional.

But of the creative theology I have related speculations which I will briefly include today, as metaphor requiring new terms and symbolic patterns. 

The face of God is the Mind (or quasic generalized Being) of God while we may ask if in the depth or in the face value there is something less or greater than good and evil.

In this metaphor can we ask if God has a soul or spirit, or if a soul in some animal or simulation there may arise some higher form of a greater qualitative evolved system that while generally rare may be the exception in individual beings.  At first glance an animal (lesser than human) may be in a sense conscious but of a distinct level of emergent sentience as far as we may be able to discern of the general case.  In any case the diversity and variety of species as if formed from the same principles of genes or of same elements that reduces such higher diversity and qualities to a dullness of uniformity makes the very find distinctions in the differentiation and integration direction of our ontogeny and phylogeny better defined vague problems and tendencies of our drive to engage philosophy and at least initially passion is intense and the need beyond natural ones and addictions goes unquestioned in scheme of things. 

But of my late theories I still have to relate the wisdom of what these mirrors of gender mean---  I pause here to state the bias on the news yesterday of how we image a woman by being a woman as less capable of science- this is quite an absurd situation as far as fundamental and foundational creativity goes and we are loosing too much of our resources so to expand to new ideas while the old compactification and rule of some existing order stifles theory and development.

The Omnium taken as totality even with the complication or generalization of theories and understanding like those of topology and strings in not necessarily the Mind or Dream of God or that asked what outside of God by the concept of a reaching upward to the Face of God.

In a sense, the PeSla cube which related the limits of the golden ratio to fixed and relative scale space expresses some descriptions and physics as face limits of construction of such entities in the doing as well as the summing to a totality and only tends to be dynamically stable as to what , as in the idea of gluons generalized, is that place that seems to be a meeting of the continuous and the discrete as a unifed complete or empty idea or grounding.

The face of God (as a quasimetaphysical concept) is the mind-as-being of God.  The Omnium is no more the God than it is the stage of God or but a shadow of the dynamic play- lesser theories confuse the issue.  It is quite a different thing to say the earth is alive, metaphorically, and the sun is a god... Or that said of intelligence and any learning or evolving human mental system. In this sense the new physics which tends toward generalized string theory as well as foundational arithmetic of primes may require the postulate of God as essential for the description of physical systems after all if not his direct materiality or debates as to the lineage and the codes imagined in prophesy.  God in principle is beyond these earthly things.

Clearly, Riemann holds to the flatness of a grounding and the golden ratio can connect to ideas of Pythagorean triplets in triangles- that is is a limited assumption if we seek a more general stance for such still recondite and highly intuitive speculations hidden or not to observation and contemplation.  His insights should be advanced to such a generalization of strings and dimensions especially where the density of regular solids have multiple reentry and references to singularities as multiply connected or not.

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