Monday, September 10, 2012

Nodes of Quasic Multilevel Circuit Design

Nodes of Quasic Multilevel Circuit Design and
Psychological Consequences

L. Edgar Otto   10 September, 2012

The monitoring of the self with the quasifinite symmetry view as the time directionality of oscillating parity systems as opposed to such a state between projective structures as other to each other for implied systems

In the multitabular quasic system that moves, complexly but mechanically do we or this system determine our directions or destiny?

In a sane individual or social system there are levels of comprehension and awareness for a threshold or critical mass of multitabular awakening that can widen or sink into the global coherence of the totality or isolated nodes essential for a level of temporal dimensions as physicality.

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Freedom and Truth

The evolving sense of the shortness of life as one lives longer is abstract evidence of the temporal as well as the coherently physical stability and immortality in becoming a unified being.

Spirit evolves into or it tunnels into soul.

If we understand this, at least as ephemeral and mortal beings, we understand the natural grounding, so this explains that release  science can give us past myths of false hope or the finality of giving in to despair, that we can experience our time truly.

The vanishing of such concerns or where it may vanish at the obtainment of goals does not mean the drive to engage life's promises in periods of neutral existence disappears as such a grounding of being.

No one should hide a truth to uphold a myth, ultimately, for freedom also can make us true.  The struggle in dealing with and understanding shielded myth or truths say for the directing and survival in it of a culture taught children applies also to exposure to growing technological media as a virtual teacher of not only an individual but a generation, in view of this statement of philosophy.

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Shadow of the Skeleton Key and Flangelation Fractal Path State Space 

From over the last couple of days in manuscript I may post later as these are more of a technical and mathematical nature.

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