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God Particles and Dream Space

God Particles and Dream Space

L. Edgar Otto   22 September, 2012

"Between awake and dreaming a golden ark of doubled walls build up charges and lighting balls..."

Metaphorically a key philosophical idea here is that Matter, mass is found and grounded in the 'Dream of God' thus the name Dream-space.  In the dynamics and structural stereonometry of this from a scientific viewpoint this difficult speculation that may be a rational and intelligible description of physical being amounts to the question of the nature of substance and memory as if a form of n-dimensional printing but in a wider sense of what is real in the metaphysics of emptiness.

The theory asks a fundamental question as to if our methods of mathematics, as well as what nature seems to utilize in her structures and growth of objects in it, is a artifact of triviality or a general principle of dynamic greatness in the applying or expression.   For the theoretician we ask if in the hidden space of our dreams do these have content of meaning at least what is or appears as some of the time that the truth of such a system developed is the reality.

In particular we focus the artifact or coincidence in numbers, especially the foundation of integers and of the differences logically in the addition and multiplication operations where it involves number theory and the irrationals as golden and other such proportions that sum to local extensions as if a limit or as if a unity to act toward if ever to reach while the reaching.

*  The multi-shells can mirror each other as mulch-containers in containers while the order of its subparts need not be in more than a general sequence outside a shell itself in relation between shells.

*  This property also is the ground for superconductivity phenomena in Bucky Ball like structures on some apparent hierarchy of action and scale. 

*  These are generally quasi-measurable or quasi-countable as the count involves shifts also of number in wormhole or here the 'Capacity Space' where the concept of physicality involves in the anatomy of corpuscles is quasi-quasic similarities as the core issue in logical paradoxes in physics.

*  This is a trans-Eulerian topology in the structural counts and as a Trans-standard theory corresponds better with the ideas of the newly discovered metaphorical trans-standard particles.

*  The counting of these wormhole particle structure matrices suggests a linear sequence in the complex as if to the vaster array these act in the way the main diagonal does in normal arrays.

*  Theoreticians born either a few years before or ahead of the next generation have advantages and disadvantages due to the era and concerns around their birth.  In a more general sense where a theory seems alien or even incomprehensible due to this it is hard to see where another theoretician is far ahead in the game and easy to see where far behind and dated.  To understand the significance and the sense of beauty when solving and awakening to a new idea that has hard fought for grounding (in this case we do well by allowing proofs to a point to build upon over the fears and thrills of shear speculation) is a difficulty of which in our estimation and interpretation of the ideas of others amounts to this same description of capacitance or dream space as if there is a higher analogy to the interpretation of quantum mechanics as a subjective level influence or of physical reality.

*  In this quasi-intelligible sense of counting the elements of the table in tables of the quasic grid the justified substitutions of numbers as if to explode at one point in a sequence or series come from the idea that on some general or ultimate level of the span and depth of descriptions the nodes and the cell content of the grid are the same or equivalent mathematical and philosophic objects.

* * * * * * * 

September 23 :  Late in posting I plan the next one, the germ of an idea that takes advantage of the principles above to be called  Distributive Prime Patterns & the Politics of People or
Unified Primes Pattern Systems,  which considers a generalization of how we define the prime numbers in view of the quasic and wormhole ways to organize topological and algebraic spaces.

For those who have followed or will follow my awakening of reasoning in this blog, here beyond those spaces into the aspects of the physics level I call the Omnium, it is a questioning of my own first blush conception of differences in the quasic grid and the contents- that is what I called the epsilon-delta idea.

The problem of distribution of the patterns of primes beyond the familiar or traditional level of investigation as a unified theory will include special developments of higher prime number ideas among them the p-adic and so on.  This continues to generalize things and question the limited foundations of a pure quasic conception of space also- in fact particles are at least a merger of Pitkanen and my ideas.

I notice today Lubos actually talks about one consideration I put into my manuscript in relation to this yesterday- we know in normal space that had to do with gravity that Einstein's thought experiment that leads to equivalence principle that we may stop but not reverse gravity as in a falling elevator.  Yet he even knew there was differences beneath certain event and other boundaries.  I question the model of Tyson in particular where by stretching and squeezing that if one fell into a black hole he would bifurcate. But what is this but a 2 to the nth, and moreover the patterns that would take this bifurcation to what approaches a continuous description (for beyond this is the new level of mathematics and physics concerning number) and the Eddington idea of the adding of one or anything such as the value of mass to an equation or say any such constant as addition including the primes Mersenne to the more general trace and pattern of what makes a prime in omnium general space.

We should not also the idea of flatness as Lubos mentions as not just a coincidence of scale or exploding equations as a quantum idea that get ever more chaotic but a foundational stance of the existence of what I now call the higher dream space or capacitor space.

Can anyone say really if such a dream space that the Dream that accepts our curvatures of falling as receptive to our dream designs cannot be an actual Deity? or in some special cases if we can reverse gravity as such that where there is emptiness thought we may find evil after all- of course if I follow Rowlands I have gone on to generalize a metaphysical principle here on the nothingness- yet it is clear we need to understand better the foundations of number and as well generalized the quantum idea (of which the universe and its principles may be grounded in computation as the quasifinite between the steady state and the dynamics evolving and static forms that too being a sort of higher equilibrium.  I leave it to the reader to decide how this relates to ideas of dark matter and so on in general...

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