Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trans-Hamiltonian Path Spaces in 4D

 Trans-Hamiltonian Path Spaces in 4D

L. Edgar Otto  

Not much today
as my son is visiting for awhile, I did continue my jotting down physics ideas on space when it occurred to me and am still reading the various ways to write webpages.  I have found some surprises lately on a very simple level at the foundations.  I did a little graphics, the above ones for printing here in the library for logos for my guitar... the music of the spheres is of course Lyra as a new constellation, and of course the Muse from the Greek god... and a vulture as well as the eagle of our corresponding map of the earth to the sky for our nation.

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I submitted this comment to Lubos post today which I find rater interesting as I was refining my quasifinite chess game notations...  I am not sure how close the theory is to my long standing view of our natural four space:

 Lubos, this seems a little long winded and complicated beyond necessity.  Of course there are other forms of this super space and fractal or trans-Hamiltonian path considerations (I call condensing and 'flanglelation') and this applies very exactly to biological symmetry and its breaking.  In space even as random in more than two dimensions an object can return to its path eventually in this super reference frame conception of open and closed systems.  I may post a tutorial on such spaces thinking it was a little too simple to present as are things on the frontier and foundations.  Even then this is not all the story...

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