Saturday, September 8, 2012

Abstract Electronic Vectors (aev) as Commentary Protocol Markup Language (CDML)

L. Edgar Otto 08 September, 2012

Due to the evolving application of logic to the Internet and web design discoveries and standards in the intelligible shared understanding of the logic in its various representations the study can be hard to see in the fog and transparency and perception of the plane we style as web page.

On the other hand, despite self doubts by the haunting parallels or equivalences as to if we can see our abilities individually or collectively to be sound and a comprehensive truth on some level of reality or simulated reality, this can be a strength in the symbol system used widely in our times that a language exists experienced by many so as to apply to the general concerns of our systems of physics.

I offer today, as I have been deep off line trying to learn that which at once seems I am just a novice (have any of us not considered this evaluation may be about what we cannot see about ourselves truly if we intellectualize and learn at all?) some sketches of arbitrary order and choices that were generated by tables. For anyone who may be interested from the algebraic abstract theories it would pay to consider these in a mood of observation seeking depth in these illustrations, but I post it for intuitive reference and hope it shows that part of the Internet experience as that of encoding or thinking in binary is in a sense as natural and real as our general commentary and methods which seem alien to our natural sense of self and familiar languages.

My child's question, that of if a celestial globe contains all the stars how can this be so if they are in a three dimensional space. The ultimate solution to this can have many levels of abstraction we call the various systems of physics or systems that try to more clearly define what dimensions are. If we see the plane, a little beyond Riemann, as equivalent to the sphere (including all the stereonometry of things at rest) the more mature question begins: 'if they are in an n-dimensional space. But the other significant child's question was how far in a hall of a mirror facing a mirror do the images continue. Both early ideas converge in this commentary so as to evolve to a more unified physics that is on the border really to our deepest ideas of number.

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Symbolically, we have to reason out and choice between the truths and lies and irrelevances of politics which can be difficult from personal self interest or collective interests especially if at some foundation there is no sense of self as a unified entity, or that which is sacred or secular is less than a wider theory which of course has not been show while on still higher generalizations to dismiss one or the other approach. Nature sees dimension physically to the extent we do and these apparent limitations are part of the nature of number of which I call condensing or 'flangelation'.

But on a crude level we do have the idea of work, in these time the issue of employment and so on, by which we define our social and political, economic systems. Work is in a sense too sacred to waste our abilities. Work is the product of Liberty rather than Liberty the product of work, at least as to what is the grounding of such motion and evolving of groups of living things on a planet, and of developing nations and the cultures within and between them. Work may not guarantee the freedom in a left wing system for rehabilitation nor on the right 'work will make you free..." On the other hand without a wider awakening to theory all we can present to the extent of our academic merit is arbitrary but cleaver sketches as to what is sacred and secular as functions or motions to define socially and yes grounding for economics.

I am willing to discuss with anyone what I am trying to do with the sketches, where the quasic view is or is parallel to the paradigm of our programming Internet logic for I would have a lot more of foundational ideas to post- Does this correspond to potential and real connections in my brain? I mean the idea, reducing in effect things to pictures, the links on the sketches many ways such as in click maps and frames and java scripts and so on is the goal that uses the ideas of quasic motion in a hierarchy of levels- but it seems that I may be doing what is not yet possible in the standards and technology, the encoding so to really stretch the design of the system which then can be bypassed to further stretches.

So, consider objects in the map interconnected and consider also a more rational grouping of the code in tables. That is the state so far of my efforts and work for what it is worth. Such abstract things determine very much how we live and treat each other if aware or not of things. It is up to the individual as well as others to have a climate where we do depend on the expertise of others as reasonable and coherent social interactions if our spirits are to be renewed.

But I am not a machine, I have other projects some great new songs if I only could record them on the fly and playing in the open mikes- seeing it all as music too. In a deep sense physics is best in theory where it is a child of our biochemistry, our levels of genetics, where these meet in conceptions. We can know this or suspect this in our daily health and living but that is a not necessary reality as we are in the processes of growth and living in that we need to be wiser.

I will be off line more from this blog, but it means I am doing more and going back a bit to pen and pencil. I have always found the more we do the more we can do. I just wish we had more time.

But in what sense as we gaze into a unified reference frame or one we imagine a complete and total theory that reaches us to the frontiers of our core can we say that such inter- linking virtual or real, affecting our lives profoundly for all practical purposes, can it be said to establish and propose a system we image as the grounding issues of artificial intelligence?

Clearly, secular and sacred issues are assembly code on the classes that can define core numerals... but in our unique individuality and shared wisdom the paradox of comprehension (I know Pitkanen's insights on this are a promising path and something is there on the risky frontiers and facticity of a path of comprehension I sense, unlike a machine perhaps, I do not fully understand.) as the containers and limits for raw physicality in natural or higher level languages. I still new my own descriptive and commentary notations some of which as an algebra has proven useful in explicit description of such abstract and electric (as in e-mail and so on, thus ae- such a symbol) for at first blush the quasic idea of fixed and relative, Omnic, approaches of the interdimensional is such a multitable in multitables. Moreover, things can be include that in a linear list as well for two dimensional thinking legitimately stand out to the outside of a context of a page of web space.

It is conceivable in effect that one photo of so many pixels with a more streamlined commentary based but hidden language can be represented in some form of the multitable and manipulated, let alone define something like the analogies of the chemistry of genetic levels of which there is always a certain freedom of that reduced and so reduced of dimensions of our perception existentially and in a universe of discourse.

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