Friday, September 21, 2012

Wormhole Surface Quasic Motion Loop Hierarchies

Wormhole Surface Quasic Motion Loop Hierarchies

L. Edgar Otto  21 September, 2012

If an object does not exist unless a sentient creature beholds at least a single photon of it- the questions of does a sound exist if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it- what does it mean if a photon moving and bounded on the surface brane of a creative system such as black holes or wormholes are isolated from external view or perhaps the self view in a closed system as an impossibility?

Clearly in view of discrete, orthogonal singularity regions and closed reentry of multiple connections the paths of waves behave arithmetically with all the quadratic residue principles of numbers to the natural dimension in question.

In a finite system of systems in systems these surfaces may be in a free order of what may jump from what cell to what other cell in a general location on each hierarchical surface.

In the expression of abstract motion (coordinate change within a dimensional basis)  the quasic grid sequence is equivalent to the linear reading of the waves provided we see what is continuous or what is discrete in a path description.  Moreover, this guide as a principle of dynamics finds the equivalence of geometrical condensation and acceleration to some neutral surface at at least eight dimensions where the values are flat- the apparent absolute ground at nothingness would then be a description of the irreversibility of gravity in its ultimate direction.

The transcendental constant itself does not change in the description of  how many degrees define a circle but as the dimension increases that left over from round things in square space is a zero in eight dimensional space.  Beyond this we may find transcendental mirrors and effects again but the ground is the beginning of chaos and the substance of the front of that beyond the values of numbers as determined by the totality or isolated systems in systems in question.

By stereonometry alone we may derive mechanical state concepts that allow for the growth of tissues as in Li's nano-fibers to replace cartilage, the scaffolding as important to differentiation of stem cells as well as the idea of a "container".  From the container view these last two posts on wormhole surfaces are a step down (save the span and depth of an object ultimately persists as the same concept in a general space) from the quasic view and I suspect it is the prevalent view as our science grows but as in Pitkanen a theory may be had from first principles alone as well the application in the concrete to these abstract mechanisms at some point of actuality or seemingly at a great distance.

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I should add that these waves traveling thru the wormhole surface waveguide have the ability in various binary or the odd squaring (cubing, etc) to from a linear motion perspective to become standing and mirror each others (as in matter waves in qm) with some interesting results and these can act as divisors to systems in general for the idea of replication in the transfer of energy and structure as waves or analogs such as the helix in nature... 

New Scientist had an article yesterday saying the situation was intolerable that we do not get down to the foundations of what is happening in quantum mechanics in view of new maths and technology... I wonder what one can mean such as the lady theoretician that gravity does not need to be quantized- but does it need to be continuous either in the wider sense?

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