Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Quasic Logic of the Creative Role of Gender

The Quasic Logic of the Creative Role of Gender

L. Edgar Otto

Today, as in my simple graphics and my of late trying to make advanced and programmable table graphics, I noted my quasic avatar looks like a face raising arms.  But what, I thought, is the symbols are trying to tell me when I get some things backwards (like tuning my guitar- I mean if I have to teach my son I have to go back to the way it is done with standards and formally- makes one feel a little backward in some places of isolated study but then, and write this off to recreational fun and humor if we can face such things in ourselves and I mean no offense using the the ancient cuneiform ideograms for body parts and facial expressions).

This has lead to a whole world of profound new insights that relates the flat grid of brane quasic space to that of how we design the higher level languages in the virtual world.  I will have more to say on this here as it makes for a clarity of political debates in my region of the world and is a very optimistic forecast of what our new and human technology can do.  Does a deity really care who sleeps with whom and micromanages the situation or is our human state of time and space of individuality and society sacred in a sense that we do enact a great foundation of creativity and replication as to our human gender issues?  We there is the dry logic of it in which we see the drama but this needs not in our intellectual understanding make a bizarre disconnected graph like nations in the history of Europe of our hearts.

Let us see the simple drawings as suggestive of our various senses of gender identity (and quasically I have used the term mathematically in the old Pythagorean paradigm was resurrected  in importance.)  Of course there is more to us than this comprehensive space (of which we cannot presume to now imagine or describe it) but we can question such political notions as "woman is the default human" or that "we are all part of some place in the spectrum of orientation- or some are eventually if not born off such a continuous curve." and so on.  But to say, at any stage of our individual growth and age, that the creative libido drive is the highest form of purpose in the universe (perhaps like with the Moslems the highest pleasure) can be seen as not that far from sanity and reason for gender is much more than the arbitrary act or the vagueness of Love.  That and I have found in explaining to students some difficult physics question they had (and a good thing I do not have a class) sexual examples seem to be something they readily understand in the analogy to aid the answer.

* * * * *

Politically I find it quite odd as to if the red  or blue,  pink or babyblue, represent what we think of as conservative or liberal as in the flag of Panama- is not red that for drawing attention and blue long term the case the same in the early days of how we may emphasize link colors on a webpage?  The blue fist here in Wisconsin shows a wider dialectic of the stage of gender conflict and cooperation as surely as the genes have finite and continuous inheritance with dominance and sub-dominance.  Our world is like a table that has gone out of balanced and haywire of which we can redo it all row or column, that is learn from it.

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