Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Artistic Interlude

Artistic Interlude

L. Edgar Otto       09-11-12

I am feeling lazy in the hard study of web design and how to best get on line and so on... So on my off-line computer I just did a few relaxing paint drawing projects.  Yet I continue to jot down a few notes for some idea that strikes me related to this sort of logical space and that of our current topologies.  I quite imagine that (if these things already exist I cannot tell) that even the brightest theoretical physicists among us have a hard time understanding some very simple relations of things in a quasi-finite space- one that makes our mathematics a much wider place in some respects.  Certainly we should have simple tutorials on the nature of finite connects in the simple four space cube.  I may do this, then again it may from my isolated paths of learning be trivial after all.

In some ways the 32 table graphs of yesterday, group wise, are merely on the level of the rotations and inversions of a hypercube with variations on fractal space.  As I wrote the element W as with the actuality of the periodic table on that level of multiplanes has significant effects on the mental and physical evolution of living things due to the nature of radiation for example... I will get around to those terse notes in the manuscript to post.  Surely, short of the omnium the quasifinite universe just begins to understand and relate things to a general unified physics.

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