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Our Era of Organic Cosmology Of turtles all the way up, all the way down)

Our Era of Organic Cosmology

(Of turtles all the way up, all the way down)

L. Edgar Otto        26 September, 2012

The differentiation of cells in an embryo has been seen utilizing the methods of dyes for organic molecules in a simple way, a Nobel Prize for color coding the influence of genes independently or in concert in a dimensional context over time.

Animals with higher color vision seem to divide the spectrum according to primaries which also divide the quasic plane that I imagine can confirm higher dimensional influences and some of the more mysterious relations of codons and proteins in a coherent dynamics of higher symmetries.  These influences display evolving paths and directionality as well that tissue abandoned like a tadpoles tail in cell differentiation and integration phenomena.

These same methods can be used to color code (after all from one view the hyper color can have higher analogs to the black and white and vaguely in the hierarchy of light as quantum phenomena such higher color may actually be a physicality and not just matters of philosophy of perception) and analyze in our era the cosmic background- another discovery deemed worthy of a Nobel Prize.

But it is hard to see when things are reduced to the triviality of flatland for clearly we reach points in understanding the cosmos as a totality that give us a sense of skepticism as to the value of such theories boasting too much of what may prove sparse significance amounting to nothing, in depth a sense of finding the reality of life an emptiness.

Birds are said to have four receptors which I suspect enable them to navigate a color wheel of three space and turtles five prime colors thus four space (but what evolutionary reason do these creatures have for them as they cannot fly?)  So while we may not be able to see beyond these colors, beyond the spectrum to higher generalizations

Insofar as applying these simple color methods with growing complex technology, the machines and instruments I imagine can "see" and translate such color phenomena to confirm our awakening theories of what the combinations and structures are in effect for organic and cosmic analogs as similar patterns.

To better understand the successive particle zoo's, to go beyond the spectrum assuming our reality is not constrained as our global understanding unto a flatland totality, we can benefit and awaken to deeper theories suggested as if higher super symmetries not necessarily hidden from our view along with what amounts to a distant but creative exclusion of science models of their grounding in mysticism.

These then can be seen through the dark in principle beyond our parameters and bandwidths of experimentation.  Some are engaged in research who do not realize their hidden assumptions aimed at confirming a theory that amounts to a hidden agenda- such as, and yes it can be a moralistic weapon that does on the face of it conform to the ideal of scientific objectivity, the counters to political or theological traditions and long gone power of those initial and historical orders.  These tenable but not part of the total truth such as the idea of randomness that at flatland excludes God from our models may be such an agenda- thus bad theology and bad science.

This thesis posted suggests we may at least be able to map the multiple influence of genes (and epigenes as another idea we find worthy of the Prize in our era) even if a deeper level proves unreal in this long time stance or debate as to the nature of higher dimensions, as well it may supply a model for the evolution of matter as atoms and galaxies.

In the mathematical or arithmetic part of this we can program the machines to develop the encoding by the idea of say 6 color primaries in five dimensions to which the sub spaces or combinations involve the factorial 6! and the structures I have envisioned involving 36.  Note in the previous posts that 36 plus 52 = 88 in the quasic plane, to that add one for a part of a constant to affirm a constant, 89.  It is the Otto-Conway structure that distinguishes the reading of some gene codons as centered in four or three dimensional space- and idea along with the relating of color vision to "seeing" dimensions by the animals researchers I encountered on line called whacky and did not want to follow the suggestion that the data would prove this out- not just evolution as a matter of  historical and equally applied probabilities and not that a chain of molecules can contain information on the level out of context of an organic system.  But I have not seen the result of that young researchers experiment.

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Note:  the illustration above is for a local turtle, the soft shell that is relaxed and sunning itself in the river.  Next to the green turtle it is desired as food and perhaps with powers to enhance our functions as least as a superstition by the Chinese especially who are consuming the worlds turtles now at a rapid pace.  But so far the species here is not endangered.  Sometimes I feel basically lazy so as if things are not disturbed we sun ourselves and breathe in the living as if to sleep despite the dangers in the wild.  Otherwise the turtles, especially if laying eggs, will go fast back into the water if they find me seeing them at a distance or if a crow lands nearby as if to wait for the eggs, mark the nest.


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