Monday, September 24, 2012

Ramanujan Frontiers (A string as if sub-divided at the general diagonal over the yod or prime transfinite space)

Ramanujan Frontiers

(A string as if sub-divided at the general diagonal over the yod or prime transfinite space)

L. Edgar Otto    24 September, 2012

Where we can imagine a new physics, mathematical or not, with proof like detail, we can also imagine, for ill or good, transcending our present cultural systems and views of life.

The search for a general theory converges to the issues of the foundations of arithmetic, the coat of number theory that we out grow like hermit crabs seeking larger natural or artificial shells as his exoskeleton molts.

We sense the inadequacy of the calculus as such a limitation where it concerns limits as well the inadequacy of exponentiation and algorithmic method conflicts as in brane charge or heat transfer descriptions.

Complex number methods and prime distribution formulas that work by counting and ideas of span expansion, and pi generated from nine previous digits in hex does indeed apply to the internal heat of stars while the escape or the decay as a bifurcation grounding and twists can also be binary.

In particular there can be representations between the quaternion and octonion aspects of a quasic grid counting space where the generality in principle does not require, as there is structural default and levels of actualization smaller than the scale of uncertainty the extended summation of previous numbers which are before the fact a given in the shift of the idea adding some value or constant. 

The inverse square law, viriality, condenses to the inverse prime square laws as a grounding of the general ideas of primes defined and perhaps the trace in a general space may hold the pattern to sift them comprehensively, universally and locally- or the process defaults to a structural design in real time yet the lantern as a test as with the prediction of the weather is also of this new level of physical unity and complexity.

Pitkanen crystallizes the concept so to intuitively assert of find the foundations as a wider action theory as things are so added.

In dream or condenser-capacitor space the prime and natural difference co-reduce linearly as an actual structure or phenomenon of physicality at singularities to singularities in hyper-dimensional trace diagonals (wormholes with default or actual action).

I am sure there are many more wonderful things to be found short of the Omnium and beyond our standard ideas of space, its topology and algebra-arithmetic, at the intuitive Ramanujan frontiers to which I feel he either knew or sensed as a quasic structure behind the scenes in the freedom of his consideration of steps made in certainty.  I would suggest that his assertions where he did not reduce say the golden numbers to one symbol was careful so not to assert without such certainty where the formulas suggest such substitution in a world where the substitution can be hidden but needed also.  This too a dynamic of the creative theoretical process.

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