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Chromatic Clocks and Organic Cell Membrane Stereonometry

Chromatic Clocks and Organic Cell Membrane Stereonometry

L. Edgar Otto     09-19-12

The old question of if evolution is fact or theory applies also on a deeper level than that of the cellular level in biology.  The issue of free will and determinism here applies as well to the logic of foundational space structures.  Beyond the 24 note system in music we can investigate the microtones (and as a mirroring over an open string the macrotones- where, as with Lubos that strings come in open and closed varieties can these change and what determines this state in any particular string?).

Unlike more rigid clocks or compasses if a chain code or a error correction code string of say proteins, the natural development applying string and group theoretic ideas seems to me inevitable that a double membrane structure in living cells will arise as a possibility in a soup of the right conditions of things such that between these 24 divisions of such a chain read three at a time every other one- the directions may slide or shift regardless of the reference protein.  This is a result of applying the four Triads (in music akin to triality and quadraphonic considerations), the major, diminished, minor and augmented scales which by the way makes for some interesting new music a squaring of three to one of these four...

As such the Otto-Conway matrix of 36 applies and with the sub sets of notes in the chords to ground the biochemical structure for that possibility of condenser merging and division within the general basic ideas of group theory and beyond it.  That proteins in a cell can bridge the membrane and that these are issues of immunity between organism is also a result of structure as well as the heart tissue once encased can organize itself into a beating heart.  Thus to solve a specific problem is to understand genetics enough to understand all such diseases on this level (not just Lubos's problem that inspired this direction of thinking- but say for the scientific certainty of our single crop agriculture genetically modified safely.)  I have to realize that in these foundational theories as powerful as they are in the abstract the applications from our own projects of contemplation can be a great and vast step of which sometimes we do not realize the next level of profound discovery when it seems in retrospect we should have known or foreseen- but there is much to explore.

I present only a sketch here with old charts, new matrices as a matter of transposing should make for some interesting methods to aid musical and other spectral composition.

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I  would like to mention also the striking analogy of the growth of bamboo and the plague of rats (from a NOVA show yesterday as I got the signal to come in) the pole symmetry as a general principle and the rhizomes as the development of a plane from which to launch them being a quasic brane as the plant spreads.  This reed and lily pad extremes of the developing of symmetry relations in organic beings... Is it just a matter of feast and famine, replication vs cannibalism? I mean to what extent is our politics really trapped in this organic model of population dynamics?

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