Thursday, September 27, 2012

Particle Physics and Transparent Invisibility

Particle Physics and Transparent Invisibility

L. Edgar Otto                              27 September, 2012

In a condenser quasifinite model the internal and hidden symmetries are more than the coming together and breaking apart of physical properties in diagrams of loops and node or even loops of loops and nodes of nodes.

Our face value flatland description, while true in the conversion of bases and bits of information that in a general theory will prove a possibility after all, is not that simple anymore than how we describe what is the antiparticle such as a neutron to its mirrors in terms of symmetries and parts.  Thus the idea of invisibility and cloaking, of transparency and other familiar phenomena of light merge into the hint of a more general physics and philosophical stance to material and other influences in the darkness.

In particular the technical achievement of making an object invisible to some wavelength- or even to the possible series of constants of action in a hierarchy seems to ask from the viewpoint of that invisible the cloak around it would see but the face or mirror of itself as with any such quasic condenser system topology (although for these to be a reality on different levels we may find subtle connection or leakages as if something can be discerned through the translucent light- in which case the division of color into primaries is the idea in physicality that we in effect see nine rather than three dimensions either three at a time or at the joint merger).

These ideas if grasped seem to suggest that researchers and theoreticians throughout the world have and aura or cloak of depth to which they have a deeper understanding and the general population assumes of itself that it cannot understand the level of such wisdom or those who are in the transparent simplicity of unified and solved knowledge think the popular world are not able to understand at the moment. 

But certainly the general masses should not assume that those maintaining the research know everything or cannot be wrong in what they are doing and saying.  So which in the average case as to what moves the worlds awakening to wisdom adheres to honesty, objectivity and transparency in the ideals and goals of science?

After all, at different velocities we can imagine, if we read Einstein and Leibniz at the same time- that if we flew fast enough like the man of steel we can pass through walls and not touch that within it or of what it may be made, not break through the spherical rim of a four dimensional volcano at some speed so as to fall into the paradoxes and closure of horizons below potential wells.

In keeping with the theme of turtle vision asking of what benefit it is to these creatures to see at least four dimensions if these aware of a more general structure of the environment or just in a relation to it hidden or not so able to navigate mysteriously as most of the birds and other creatures that are one with the earth we might ask if within their shell as far as dimension beyond three or four these would be invisible to themselves or in self reflection as if a pale copy of awareness, a  history of survival by behavior as well as physical structure within themselves but not lost within themselves as sentient things have this possibility as degrees of freedom in the ocean to which in this simple models we try to force the physics of molecules blind to the higher symmetries and dimensions by sight if not touch of the dark matter and energy as a concept of wider space.

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