Friday, September 28, 2012

Vectons (or Vectorions)

Vectons (or Vectorions)

L. Edgar Otto       28 September, 2012

There are extended patterns up to a level of mechanical dimensions determined by primes that are unified by the accumulation of past facts that make a quasifinite chain of what beyond that level may be endlessly random insofar as what is the unique choices imagined as discovery somewhere along the sequence which in general may be said to encode or thought to encode all informational possibilities, the vecton structurally in the space beyond these lower dimensions and finite sets of primes as well the vecton (or vectorion) of the pattern itself.  This formalizes the fixed and freedom of the dynamic omnium itself.

In particular the question of what happens at nine dimensions and beyond, or where nine previous digits in hexadecimal may show the next nine in the decimal part of pi is a projective plane and quasic brane question where the pattern of quasicity begins combining these vectors deeper and doubled than simple orthogons.  This in primitive terms is the quasic grounding for the distinction of the view of three plus one things in concert with two times two things in the formalism.  Thus the digits as dimensions may have a pattern where these as dimensional directions may shift in an internal pattern or may be a general matter of probabilities that has fixed a past pattern or directed the range of a future pattern to narrowing or expanding possibilities.

Within these first few digits and the general differences that are adding one, or of counting from zero we find the pattern of primes and natural numbers, binary bases, the corresponding nature of phi (tau or the golden ratio) and other simple relations such as those parts of a squaring of a matrix to contain elements of sixteen spaces with six or seven (that is subtract one) empty but complimentary.  Can such a pattern really be expanded beyond nine space physically? The we imagine a possibility but from our condensed limited view of which the question is can reality ultimately be limited like that herself? 

But within this limitation and the shifts in dimension of the intelligible multiplicity of axes as phi-tau distinguished in differentiation of a set of independent vectons seemingly at a natural distance we of course have further division possibilities in the binary powers in the projective quasic planes in planes where the representation of Riemann plane equivalence to a sphere is a smooth transition in some imagined evolving multiply quasic brane space.

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footnote:  this is a rather difficult posting for those readers interested in this blog for the art or philosophy's sake.  It did not come come from a dream, perhaps from the leaking minds in dream-space in the collective consciousness (so to speak) of the closest bloggers I follow here- anyway it was another day of total emptiness as if this really was a stretch to unify ideas.  It amounts, I think, to at least an exotic brane theory (see Lubos today ) and clears up that difficult posting by those with no inkling of what these higher ideas are.  I see that Pitkanen discusses similar foundational issues from his TGD viewpoint and concerns. 

In any case, from the higher view, one that still holds open the question of uniqueness determined by low prime dimensions or not in a context (lower than the current concerns of structures in these more advanced new physics speculations, by that I mean more foundational) as if to make such models they can only be tested in real time as with the weather and building cathedrals... exotic of course in we understand in the higher spaces the recursive and not necessarily proven patterns apply to our universe as this is a vecton point of view as philosophy also, that the question of the reality of alternate histories or deterministic ones imposed is still an open question.  

Our spirit in this sense, or a culture that begins anew as with the once great expanse of New France, as with the people of the Great Lakes are visitors- and yet for those still there who go into the woods to fast, to meditate, the hard life is of course in their hints and dreams a good life where in a gathering by some chance shore several generations before and after them seem to hold council in deep prophesy or in just the collecting of berries.  (obviously PBS shows, especially from the Wisconsin channel I find inspiring lately)

 But it seems at the moment to me to state that there is a directionality of sorts wherein while wider spans of alternative universes and realities are possible as these build upon their past histories the foundational vectons as places of singularity point-like entities (as if there are no more than the first few prime numbers that are fixed in this scheme)- this akin to what is magnetism such that while it and electric fields correspond at the ground level the former is derived from the other one sided and beyond the flatland of Euclid when such unity or zero if found their existence itself as part of the electromagnetic (thus shadow quasifinite primes) is relative.

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