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Coincidence and Premonition in Nilpotent Fractal States

Coincidence and Premonition in Nilpotent Fractal States

L. Edgar Otto   01 September, 2012

I present to you today a simple table (well, really a sketch of one as I need to check the coding but I hope it conveys the general concept of symmetry in the foundations).  It is embarrassingly terse for a general theory involving symmetry and open and closed loops on all sides and the complete balance of color in inversions and mirrors.

The standard or conventional ordering of the cells of a table can be further explored to apply to the 32 (and the mirror tetracubes or tetrahedra) for the alignment of fractal paths of open so half and doubled fractal actualization in three and four space.)

This, as that area of speculation Rowlands noted was not addressed in his book, the idea of tachyons, is an ambiguity or non necessity as to super- or preternatural physical or mental phenomena.  The old question of coincidence or some deeper force at work of which the general evolving picture of the structural or stereonomic states of space and matter I have imagined in at least a real path that I have called 'micro-time travel' for a general theory Becoming.

* * * * * 
 In the table sketch of the first illustration the second set of letters CDEF etc (26 base) should be colored as mirrors.  And the cell background of these 24 and the 8 transparency cells of an open line of four cubes and a closed square or circle of them limited to the dimensions of 8x8 fold span can be in the A or B (signal flags) brane or plane quasic directions as to the order of the 24 color-safe 3 6 9 C groups of four vectors (again the natural rotation of Feynman's simplified drawings).

In the two illustrations with hexagons of 12 colors and 12mirror colors as a concrete matter we can map these as notations for points on a hypercube- or alternatively we can use the notations to map a face on a set of its 8  24face 2D sub-cubes of which the external face is relatively negative in all the twisting to that  viewed or contained internally. But it is not just a simple matter of right and left chirality.

* * * *

Well, shades of the 26 in string theory!  I can quite imagine in addition to a musical tune traveling in this general picture of space so as to make a text or name- sort of like Nash (a beautiful mind) using the base 26 solving some singularities with words. (But the world alphabets sometimes reach into 30 or so as a normal mind seems to organize some of its mental space that way.  Thus a bifurcation of say so many states, or 9 coming and going morse code sent and received at one time by one person... perhaps limits to memory.

This recalls somewhat in the issues of entropy that where Jung is considered his was after all a thermodynamic model of the mind, and perhaps synchronicity along the lines and ideas of intuition and time have a sane explanation, what we experience but not clear as to how the science of it all works in the subjective space of things.

The cell colors in the table were arbitrary in this sketch.  The total picture of the 24 could with A and B directions of the full plane, or the higher transparency time-like dimensions of symmetry, result in all the rigid rotations of a hypercube- being 384...  thus 24 or 48 complimentary colors...  The quasic pixel singularity complex is like an Eddington monomark only not just a rigid point centering- but these can be used for a more discrete view of equivalent mathematical physics models.

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