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Paradox of Physicality and the Quasication of Light

Paradox of Physicality and the Quasication  of Light   

L. Edgar Otto    05 September, 2012

The unified field in the old sense of analogs in the formalism between the forces by the inverse square laws stands in a sort of perpendicularity to all that seems a given totality of a dimensioned space. 

But in this extension of the idea of binary coordinates represented as a plane with all the ambiguities and inversions we find the arithmetical relations organize that which we regard as physical and overtly revealed as science, that which to go beyond it is to extend our intuition into a future state that as speculation appears most likely and widely questionable metaphysicality assertions and understanding.

In this sense the issue regardless of concepts of scale of what is fixed or moving or somewhere or somewhen in between when viewed over a certain coherenent numerical range as the maximum extent of a dimensional representation provides us with distinct relations that exist when a space is not just a brane flatland.  This creative perpendicularity itself tends to be independent of the transfinite value in terms of how it relates to our convention of dimension such that it is natural given this wider symmetry and freedom of motion to imagine reversals of the continuous and discrete ways to view a totality.

We can notice that with a lens in natural space we focus rays of light that an image is repeated some distance away greater than the first point of focus.  How far, beyond an open optical theory computation can this focus repeat? Can light in its quantum logic tunnel in a sense by this mechanism of quasication and its limitation by which the general structure or space stereonometry gives us a subtle but unified and coherent picture of quantization almost mystical and certainly controversial properties of which some doubt on this level we can have certainty of understanding?

Perhaps the light only focuses, as far as to what we regard as physicality, over so many quasic plane or generational levels limited by the potential states of natural dimensions- not to say this cannot go beyond it, as various researches beyond standard group theory suggests while at the frontier of metaphysics, so it may be or not or seem, the totality of the aether that for all practical purposes is a grounding for light (an equivalent frame really as light viewed acting in a vacuum) to which the actual is but a flange or rim of the depth of bundled properties of higher dimensions and symmetries. 

If this is so then it is clear we have foundational questions as to if things expand as light seems to do over intervals, is a limited range by which there is technically no expansion in the wider quasic world and the possibility there is a sort of higher perpendicularity still beyond all these general worlds.  This foundationally does seem to limit the dimensions, at least Euclidean, or superimpose the lattices of them to lower dimensional physicality and perceptions.  The flatness of things a natural and ideally at least a neutral and reference frame of ambiguous or non necessary states of a nature without connected or presumptions in her execution of laws or actions or the bundling of the lack of such laws thereof.

In this quasifinite space of light motion we also find a certain division of these hyperquasic general principles and fields to which general arithmetic certainly applies in all the symmetry breaking or creation senses- beyond this, in the realm that begins on foundational absolutes as frames that are not necessarily a reference, we can have such breaking or creation as working beyond the span, again to what is physical now seen as metaphysicality and remote.

One such extension, by numbers that are in a sense prime corpuscular as well as quasic pixel like classes of the fundamental maximum information and minimum meaning to define the natural and higher orders of number would be the considerations of Pitkanen as an example... and from the pixel grounding but quasifinitely I at last can have a difficult but reasonable explanation for my intuition that would divide the potentials count of things contained in a plane or the brane considered separate as if to apply to the abstract concept some idea like force, say charge to that representation then on this try to form a complete theory of physics as a totality.  This quasic division akin to symmetry breaking but the growth of it is determined by double explosions of quasicity in a fixed and intrinsic matter independent on the coordinates so mapped groups things like groups in a binary matter so as to divide them for a lesser range of logical space such as that of a chess game of so many dimensions between two players.

I can reply for example to a question at first hard to understand and explain I received once in the philosophy chat room as to why in three space I made the chessboard 8 x 8 x 4... and 4's after that for my Odo256, Odo1024 in the four dimensional case and not say powers of 8 for 4096 cells as the space to physically play the game.  This process of quasication in an imagined perpendicularity direction seemed intuitively to me very natural so I found it hard to see the difficultly in grounding its assumptions and did not realize how wide and difficult the researched and developed theories were that were already in pursuit of the abstract ideas of things like group theory and strings and so on.  To see where these researches go into different directions is part of the struggle for understanding the world and one self quite beside independent and shared responsibility between self and others as to the ideas.

* * * * *

I apologize for the terseness and concentration, even the word creation, of this post as I have been rather busy in many directions so the Poetic mode reigns with the bare minimum insistnce there is contained and reachable meaning if one desires to translate, and significance of this as a further breakthrough if one for some reason has followed the general arguments of these posts.

I checked out a political gathering (pro-union pot luck but I am still neutral on the debate being from a non union state NC of which the lack of them can impede personal professional growth also) and watched or listened to parts not on the TV of todays democratic conventions (the republican a few days ago also).  Cleaned the closet out so I can have my son Seb have his own space for a visit.  Did errands and talked with a few people, went to library, and wrote down these revelations relaxed by the radio eating Ramen.

I played in the Pizza Plus open mike last night. It has been awhile.  Not many people were there.  Sean who organizes it presented a great set of cover songs around the theme of break ups and Rio did his stand up (I have watched Rio for a couple of years now and he continues to grow) and I presented a few of my best songs and parts of new songs.  But the three of us were after all testing the sound system and practicing our stage presence.

It is said that the price the gods exact for a song is that we become the song we sing... there on the stage again after a very long time, I realized that what I sing over time is refined and eventually becomes a song... In the process nothing is really lost from the physical memory, nor from the passion of it all that at least touches the frontiers, the quasicality and surface of others.

* * * * * 

Interestingly, if we consider fractional charge the Eddington model of the Fundamental Theory... the possible electrons or protons in the universe, certainly does not stand as the complete picture or only thing in the picture of general quantum-relativistic space (there is his Plus one as a sort of perpendicularity with "triality" where the fractions are unit charges if viewed from the three space representation- I mean in his system the number of protons and electrons are the same large but finite number- but what if the electron and quarks are in a sense quasically equivalent in the count?

Not to see beyond these early last century theories is to play twists and turns of Feynman diagram games or shift pointless matrices- so it seems, one should conceptually transcend this- as well- if one can indeed see- know that I feel I am getting too far ahead of some of my fellow frontier bloggers who seem to take up topics I have set aside for some time now as if a great new discovery or concern in a world of possible countless billions of billions of sentient beings.  Intuition in the tachyteleomnic sense if there is a direction and it not necessarily strikingly asymmetric and symmetric (as in the union jack with Ireland that flew over the structure in the illustration of the capitol in Virginia at Williamsberg, you see in the 6th I made clay models of the main buildings for a class project -  (and how I miss Mr. Le Compte the teacher who encouraged my science at the dawn of the space age)

* * * * * *

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