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Tachyonic Teleomnium

Tachyonic Teleomnium

L. Edgar Otto    02 September, 2012

Neutrinos in various physics processes are said to change generation flavors.  Their antics raise foundational questions to work out in regard to if they can be interpreted to deviate from the constancy of light velocity and the nature of time.

While theory can be done intuitively, we make progress or retreat apparently in the epicycles of orbs centered in our minds, the disadvantage is that concrete learning and discovery take longer working in isolation from professional standards and principles gained can default to a looping contained within itself restraining general and purposeful growth.

Despite thousands of pages of speculation and contemplation my theory of the Teleomnium is something that even after ten thousand pages (streamlined really in a reduction to a single page of graphic design, the quasic plane) is difficult to find clarity and unity in the depths of the idea.

I am struck by the fact that the neutrinos remain for awhile in a persistent state of flavors more than that they can change in the general flow.  The teleomnium with the tachyonic theoretical organization principles may answer this at least on the lower evolving of creative dimensional structure.

The working off line with our Internet systems and standard protocols, the various language and the logic of it, has helped me change views in the mood where the intuitively poetic is still a potential that leads the way.  For I see that the overall picture of a web page as a quasic plane may apply to the treatment of programs where our maths start from or reduce things to some direction of a linear view and thinking.

This is not to say the plane is limited by complex numbers of a particular type or that the situation is fundamentally non-linear in a deep sense, one that is as intelligible as any logic that is real and one that corresponds to a statistical description of physics in the math.  In the general philosophy the issue is that of pixel and style, a fixed coordinate and one of a more analog organization for general links and change.  Our views of being in a dream existentially or observing it from an outside perspective.

The idea of tables may seem restrictive without a general and not just arbitrary development of fixed coordinates and computation of functions where they can be in a unified system over say the way a particular page is view in the various resolutions presented to a browser.  The .css approach may in general limit us to that poetic vagueness in intuition if we will not understand the adaptable mechanisms of unified growth to which teleology corresponds with physical purpose- as Noether stated of the path of light.

The successful mind in the exploration requires both views and it is perhaps beyond the science of it all to deny or emphasize the teleological over the mechanical and statistical, philosophically, pragmatic science attempting, perhaps intuitively, to pass judgements on what is still outside its realm based solely on the hope some dominant paradigm will be verified.

The tablecloth fractals are there in structure alone yet these do contain the possibilities of mathematical ratios like phi. While the fractional dimensions, an idea akin to what we imagined early on involved the quantum theories, can simulate to close resolution say a landscape or tree, the actual state of such natural objects are not fixed to that ideal but vary as much as other principles of growth like pi and e and issues of general symmetry.

Still, what we mostly call optical illusions on a page can be understood as natural effects where our subjective comprehension so corresponds to overall universe structure, restrictions, and laws.  If we see the plane as six dimensional then as in Escher drawings water in a double three space with points of ambiguity can flow up hill- this means that the resulting pattern is no more an illusion than perhaps nature herself.  I have noticed how in certain drawings regions seem to stand out from the page as if there is depth and there are explanations offered for this.  But when we put tables in tables we also have a hierarchy of such standing out of which I have not seen a case other than the illustration I offer above.  We are not just evoking three dimensionality by say a subtle variation in the broken spectrum as in holography.  We are asking the nature of a nilpotent algebra.

As far as Western music at least we can define its 12 base system for chords made, and variously named, of three and four notes.  Generally such music is not that restricted to a tempered scale where given that we assume the notation and directions for improvisation across the diatonic and pentagonal divisions of keys.  We should ponder closer the coincidence of the closness of the intervals of the 12th root of two and the 19th root of three for example. Let me mention also that 24 tone music has a history of development in the Far East.  The three and fourness of it all is the space of the real in three and four dimensions to be worked out among all dimensions as a low level and the familiar space in which we dwell.  This true for the philosophy and physics of the phenomenon of color, its perception, its directions open and closed, its primaries.

The awakening in this generation for the virtual world and its evolving technologies is as compelling as any draw for our subjective dreams and what if given free time fills our time and makes a sense of forgiveness and the illusion of immortality, and the personal possibility of creativity in this world.  But we need to aid that evolution to see were the general picture goes so as not to find dead ends or encounter consequences that set us back without return.

I find it ironic that in this virtual economic sphere that the graphic designers have the fewest prospects for jobs, that in the learning of it we are aided by some one's design with the appeal to the freedom of the artist (if computer graphics can be considered more than mechanical or a collage as art) for from the human perspective the value and opportunity for original and living content is the foundation necessary for such an exploration and enterprise.  Here too we will come face to face with how to deal with compensation and the post-economic era of a successful political system.  We in fact move forward or retreat (linearly) as each generation may go further than the previous and each to soundly grow find a rebirth of New Liberty either in rebellion or a second revolution of the people and our souls as the purposes of this life needs its periods of rest and growth also.

In that sense I am liberal as the term is used in Europe, back to the founders with new wisdom for all, yet I remain centered in a Lockean enquiry system of balanced independent views. None of this logic seems to be played out in political debates with the benefits of a more general and natural physics theory and those who benefit from logic and the study of what makes the virtual Internet and web. In theory most times the established systems will do well just to keep the deeper thinkers in the dark as to philosophy and physics principles- yet such principles, virtual or not, will come to be very close to what we are in our ordinary life and needs.

In fact I think it important for general survival as is the case throughout history as we develop our culture and machines.  We may not any longer afford systems that can reach some point of self imploding or wasted resources on some imagined danger.  War and empires will become ever more wasteful in this general sense and not just money changers in the cathedrals of our technologies, war as unprofitable. We also can find a new level and era, collective and balanced individual security which reflects new forms of wealth.  We have barely scratched the surface of the complexity levels of things like genes in issues of heath.

The teleomnic idea came to me in a flash around the spring of 1974 while waiting for a friend in his ethics class who was a little shell shocked from his tour in Vietnam.  I was staring at a table of the gene code in one of his biology books.  I worked it out but had little success later reproducing my methods save in a plane rather than the list or linear view so as to classify the themes of music across all keys by a dial that when shifted could find all of them as if from one central tone in any key- and this done with a four base binary system.

I continue here the more scientific and dry part of this page for it involves the ordering of tables in tables on the web and the initial padding that various operating systems have used as a starting point.  Of course it was difficult to extended to a 12 tone system beyond four notes without the wider design. I recalled while working with the simple table off line a trick of ordering I did intuitively applied to the two axes of a quasic plane: that in the cell of four items the ordering itself along a linear direction is the quasic ordering - not ABCD of cycles but ACDB successively.

On one side of the quasic grid axes with a border the intention to better define by px the coordinates such that it resolves to some level of definition resolution (I quite imagine the 4K level that can replace HD a very promising development for the actual use if not the standardization of graphics and photos on the web as things are defacto evolving, as the advance and retreat to that convergence of communications, television, and computation ebbs and flows like the tides, like levels of retooling and returns or retreats from manufacturing) we start with zero as the borders are multiples of five that between them are four pixels for a total table graph of 81 or 80 pixels square that encase in tenfoldness the 60 or 64 squared by simple counting and the 4x4 set represent of course the hypercube.  Nature utilizes such a hierarchy of a foundation as if a such a table.  With such intelligible arithmetic we can readily know how to find coordinates for example in things like click maps and can apply the programming of logic high level languages to the information in the pixels of which of course these are not simply a digital method or one of a vague concept of points.

On the face of it this tableclothing seems to tell us little more than an alternative arrangement.  Yet it applies to general directions we style as time and it allows extensions beyond the binary span of the four base. What is followed by X preceded by A is B or other designated and intelligible notes, asymmetrically and complimentary as if mirrored, if not then logically demonstrated as to the case why not in a given logic design.  The multiplication of tachyonic teleoms seems trivial and an artifact of how we see our math objectively and not at the foundations of self and philosophic doubts before new awakenings of wisdom and awareness needed for real and further theoretical generalizations.

Lately, I have advised the graduating graphic design students who have found it hard to find employment to persevere and keep in touch with the new technology of three D printing for that may transcend what we now think of as our great enterprise of employment up to 2035 that could be the vague technology, nanotech involved also, that will replace our computer age.  It is hoped that we finally find a way to free the artful creativity in all of us, and keep it creatively alive in a world not defined by false scarcities and doom ideas of entropy but true greater abundance in a world to which we all can take the setbacks and transcend former awakenings, enhance what is natural, even the boring and mundane.  We can google ourselves in principle to know better how to live and live with the world and others better. But I do not offer you a new architecture of our souls.

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