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Beyond Postmodern Philosophy of Science

Beyond Postmodern Philosophy of Science

L. Edgar Otto    16 September, 2012

*     We may assert a principle of physics that seems the case or we may look deeper into its foundations for a grounding, an explanation and reasoning for the phenomenon, then to weigh the theory and its consequences.

*     One such general impression is our concept of what is physical as the state derived from a combinatorial sequence as to what happens when the order or directions are mirrored.  Vaguely, we feel the mirror space gives us a balance to the general evolving of orders as if to achieve a balance or symmetry of equations when in the wider case, one decidedly concrete at the face of nothingness that is also grounded and countability so as intelligible systems of asymmetry.

*     These are categorized within a span of a given system of independent dimensions in our tables of group theory and without a more general view the system is incomplete in conception to which variations on the system evolving as if grounded in a complete standard physics theory to which there is no hidden or otherness defining dimension as things are to be defined as real and not reduced to some physical or logical space or atom of data.  Negative entities are then thought of as not the primary initiators of systems but only on a higher level of wider span where these are artifacts of our perspectives and physically are innocuously secondary.

*     The usual ideas of entropy and the work that can be had in a system, the descent into disorder has had consequences for our points of view beyond the objective and applied physics of our second philosophy we call science.  Since our early establishing of cities and agriculture what is built up has to come from resources to which the height of things like pyramids or soil mounds level in the algebraic sum barrows relative to sea level.  These we quite imagine can be places to fill with wastes from products, the "keitch" in terms of post modern art of which all things fall disordered to some ground that their utility in decay vanishes to flatness be this a system of ideas or the literal facts of such materialism as empirical and primary over doubtful, certain, or insufficient theory and reason.

*    The certainty of the grounding, the reduction or focus into the variations, twists and directions resolving as if or in fact into totalities. despite the condensing even generalized as cases of coherent space within or between a dimensional basis or its sub elements and identity of similarity, and the shifts or oscillations between structures, is also the possibility of existential freedoms of choices at any point of abstract rests or motions of physical or mirrored objects.

***** 17 September, 2012

*    In defining physicality, the mathematical treatment of phyllotaxis as not abstract or simply descriptive, but a physicality including the interpretation of such general structures as energy transferred and defined by space- or in genetics as an actuality of paths as well as a tendency (thus beyond Coxeters comment on the Golden spiral), that which expands or that which continues in parallel is the same thing), and recursion of the golden ratio is not to be confused with parallel systems.

*   The abstract of division systems as sub sets of quasic spaces can be a physical fact as instances of the Otto-Conway matrices.

*    From a point centered in a quasic brane 4 Euclidean lines are mutually parallel...

*    From a point in that plane 4 rays may extend inward through Phi-space that do not meet necessarily at quasinfinity, within a Fibonacci (integer) quasi-brane hierarchy.

*    From both perspectives and from some ideal point at infinity and in the two cases these can be the same description and half of a totality converge along diagonals that present different desciptions.  

*   Within the usual n-space extension of Coxeter Euclidean space we should consider the sub-cells a centered in the various perspectives, such as insphere, circumsphere, innersphere and so on in the generalization of this grounding. The relation of such golden space to physicality would explain for example the alignment of spiral galaxies linearly...

* * * * *

* Light entering a prism from parallel rays leaves it as if from an expansion of space from a single origin- but in the possibility of physicality this is at least a four way deal.

* Design is the leader does not mean production should indicate the designer with bells and whistles- nor does it mean things designed should hide the logic of it all from the human element made too easy and hidden the grounding of theoretical content.

* * * * *          

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