Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Analog Duality and Coherent Pentaquark Cube Unfolding

This simple sketch I was not intending to post or do so later with better drawings or models.  The underlying concept is that of abstract modeling by spatial visualization as we as algebraic principle on the foundational level to make constructible physical models of physical particles along the lines of an Analog Duality of Sabine Hossenfelder's  conception as a compliment to the current digital and quantum like methods of approach.  A fifth face of a cube is more than is necessary to describe the space of reflection (as if we say for example the equator of a planet or galaxy has special properties over some form of Lorentz invariant.  Thus we can think of pentaquarks (or mirrors of them in the empty or negative space direction) as atomic as well as a molecular analogy.  This mixing of the Feynman rotation at right angle continues further in to 3 and 4 space, 7 and presumably 9 "orthogon boundaries" and 11 for 5D and so on...  Is this evidence of the string theories or loop quantum theories?  Perhaps, evidence or discovery in a particle form of something more fundamental.

Science Daily discusses today again the pentaquarks, the unusual equatorial formation around Pluto (of which in a sense planets do vary a little the overall ocean and land mass duality of rational vs transcendental division into hemispheres) and in the outer layers of our brain the higher functions of spatial visualization that by different representations of space we can navigate in the dark- not just one simple representation.

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