Thursday, July 16, 2015

N-ality Arithmetical Topology & Access to Dreamscan Preternatural Social Gravity

I think we are all getting there in the Big Picture and the ongoing Big Show.  As far as this unusual method using axioms of simple counting, both preternatural in combinations and transitivity of properties of perception and physical space...  The axiom of choice and the continuum hypothesis are not necessarily independent axioms.  But the gender of numbers is not always symmetrical when we transition back and forth between duality of bases and so mix them.  So two ideas here merge in my speculations, that of dark symmetries of the metaphysics of clay as a reference for a neutral duality and that in these constructive emphases the quasic grid and what it contains in terms of our ideas of boundary limits is also a sort of inversion (which nature is open to any side of our interpretations) that we can in a sense turn the face saving epsilon-delta argument to the gauge as well as thinking of it as a simple inversion mirror.  This then is the idea of a scan of interdisciplinary theory as well as the general scan to higher thoughts in our undestanding of the state of minds and access to dreams as they shift a little more generally beyond simple Lie and Clifford like algebras or some idea of emptiness self referential or not.

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  1. The gauge is a theory very intelligent which must be studied by mathematical view. Why a shift beteen Lie group and Clifford algebra? Probably when from a simple Hamiltonian we have an Heisenberg model.