Friday, July 10, 2015

Dream Space and Bessel Vectors

Lenz's law and surface phenomena notwithstanding from the Quasic view I suspended a pattern of magnets against the gravity and surrounded them by other rather strong magnets.  The result much like a large magnet and a small piece of metal on a tether from any direction appears as if it is suspended in flight like a kite.  I did not take a video of this but like our more than linear description of the Bessel functions and its meaning as to where other solutions exist, at least one, allowed the vibration once set in motion that took over a half hour before it began to be imperceptible.  There is the question of outside energy say from electromagnetic fields but the idea is that what may be in the microscale can in a sense move things linearly adding spin and radiation pressure structurally as the primary or preternatural meaning of the conventionally described physics (calculus) approach.  Can the magnets eventually bring their force to a neutral balance? If so how fast and does the speed of this change where it is more or less an isolated system?

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