Monday, July 13, 2015

Metaphysics of Clay II-n

Much of this post is more along the lines of personal notes that I feel eventually contains a core of sensible and meaningful encoding.  Planets contend with the mixing of solids and liquid views, the centers of land and sea mass, as well the great explosions and paths possible from equators.  I tell or share for what is our shared experience could have been pieced together from these 'peslaese' principles hinted at in previous notes already if those decoded.

But for applications in our time, say in medicine and computer aided surgery, strikes me as the end of what we now know that is rumors of better health, of survival as well the need to grow, of what ends in but promises as if unnecessary suffering if we make it to some sort of equifinality. Yet I suppose we can argue there is some residual element of the ideological and arbitrary idealistic age that lingers into our futures.  In the extremes what is a flag as a symbol of our chance arrival like sea oats by the shores of wisdom falling on the dunes- needing as much to explore as to survive?  In a world safe for such inquiry we must first have a world, then we can see better what in the universe and ourselves holds for us as surprises.

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