Monday, July 6, 2015

Ottonian Scientific Logo

Since Telstar was my anthem and I decided geometry was my area of study, when I first picked up my Daddy's guitar, when I made the Otto Symbol and its ratios since then its dozens of variation... a new one surprising (well, it was meant for an electronic company one day - but that seems to be still a vague dream in the actuality and other than for the art's sake what good is just a dream?)  Few people know what they will want to do before 30, some already know. In this symbol of the old O.T.T.O. the recent theories apply too...  I may just be able to make such a project, comes the idea for a new start up project and comes its logo.  Now a practical question considering warm oceans (thus flesh eating bacteria and all the shark attacks off the coast of Carolina)  Why if the rare earths repel the sharks by messing up their electrical system do we not include them in our surf boards?  [ Much of QuasicDyanamics XIV post will concern this internal geometry of the plankton and the global climate variations and migrations]

Stringy Loop or Loopy Strings or something a little more general in the Big Picture? In any case we can imagine three of these in the Super-Duality Back Reactions (Sabine) for Foundational Physics.

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