Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quasic Dynamics 10 Icosahedral Symmerty and Quasifinite Global Numerology

Quasic Dynamics 10  Icosahedral Symmerty and Quasifinite Global Numerology

In the first photo we see the faces of the die opposite each other add to 21.  The die on the right is a test sample of 3D printing (contains a honeycomb) and the numbers also in Braille.  This was a friends idea and I will suggest to him a better arrangement.  The touch and sight aspects of physics, what in particular is not a clear die that floats in salty water is an important concept if they are to be fair dice... on the other hand we can program the insides not seen to bias the accumulation of plastic nodes.

In the second photo I am sure that many of my theory friends can see parts of their own work in the general theory.  Quasic boundaries are a simple gauge that tell me so much and what dualites are on this difference of inside and outside and more that these are also an ideal preternatural mirror, at least in our idea of what matter or gravity is...  My friends 3D printing shows me how difficult the visualization of the space structures are... the 1 face was flat but as always with a last face to close the nature of it is implied.  The delta epsilon is a deeper symmetry to the epsilon delta and so on...

Consider the numbering of icosahedral and dodecahedral dice used by the gamers.

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