Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quasic Dynamics XIV

From a general view of philosophic distinctions our generation seems of the world but not in the world.  If you asked me today I would say the benefits to us for basic research and the promises of technology even as we approach it informally with fears and errors is hardly imaginable if we get past a few things.  For example efforts to make a wider implementation of smart phone technology and any higher concepts we stumble on or jump ahead in our projects such as quantum computation is not our primitive superstitions of our bearing the 'number of the beast.'  But it does evoke in us such primitive ideas of a reality as a sense of superstition. Our longing and emerging in this world.  Can we spontaneously go from a place to another, although rare, as if instantaneously? What of the argument for a fire wall?  Perhaps for some who sense the sulphorus netherworld of it. Perhaps nothing noticed at all , and who knows maybe some other port of call in the wide scope of the winds time. But to find the new era of science will take a lot more work and common sense to see that the design of things tends to balance out as we begin to imagine beyond the reality of what we project into our futures.


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