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Romancing the Quasic Theory (some comments on social media)

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JK Society if it is to transcend to the next level of our interconnectivity, the virtual internet if not the electric grid itself survives its vulnerability, now depends on how well we can navigate abstractly between what we can see or interpret what we cannot of our partial simulations.
Interesting links, Joseph. Treat the little arrows as binary coordinates of either the particles or the field box that contains them. These make a 2D quasic dimensional box that can be read in a specific order or sequence. The 0's and 1's can be interchanged the 'shadow ' as if in 3D natural dimensions. Four such (logically tetra boxes) can form a linear or the same sequence in 4D as a 2D lattice of boxes in boxes. 16 0D boxes. 64 cells 8x8. 2^q so 5D = 16 x 8 and 6D = 256 and so on... This the basis of my logical and playable 4D chessgame of 1963. Much has happened since then, much has not, and much seems to be finally happening now from these vague early independent recreational math beginnings. Sometimes,in the lonely frontier of new theory someone builds on it and even surpasses it as we go beyond original concept's. In a way this helps to confirm them. Now, what about the boundaries, the dark mirror physics of the lines between the cells of the quasic grid itself?
The 2D representations are easily extended into 3D or more. But the properties that aquire names as quasifinite facts by this method are not saved in reduction nD down to 2D. But this lattice property exists even if our widest generalization is not seen in a world of only 2D where all Lie groups seem enumerated. Even the Monsters. The laws of physics conserved without appeal to say holographic principles of supersymmetry distinctions as so called information lost or that such effects in time where the simulation meets the physical reality are imagined grounded in illusion. This could be the case but not in terms of being - but as philosophy of existents at least at the level we understand physics now including how some imagine the highest meaning of QM theory.
SH All these social experiments seem to me to take too long , is too little, and too late. My modest candle company in the early 70's did all this but not based on theory nor even ideas we were organized (but informally) as a commune or cooperative - but for common sense including better creative designs and production. But on the IRC chat in the late 90's I put women in position of power (there we none even if majored in philosophy.) And they were much more mean ti each other than the guys. Something I do not understand is going on here. After all, who rembers Elizabeth the First or Catherine the Great ?

If I had a theory of everything and could see it with a single unified eye I would say she has a knack for the multiple dualities involved with my quasic physics - not QM or string theory as fundamental. This drawing is classic. (assuming the two eyes in the center of a face are not meant to be a nose) Jung noted that children have a period where they draw faces with 4eyes. I have seen kids do this myself. But speculations aside it could be something simpler, a question of identity landscape - the fact in time and bonds or separation she is a twin. "Adam, you did not have to scribble all over your picture when I asked why you drew four eyes." " No. That is just Adam all tangled up. " he said. But I would like to believe she has the theoretical potential of Penrose who realizes it takes 8 bits and not 4 for an exchange of QM and gravity information. :-)
Ron T) So you can make a candle which is its own wick? Holy 20 mule team borax! Why doesn't it accelerate the fast neutrons? Note to.Iran : Hide your nuclear wastes in pools of water. Boom! Element 5 has new interesting chemistry. (Better living through chemistry,right? ) Well, if we do not know basic things how can we build complicated things safely?
nukes oz So you can make a candle which is its own wick? Holy 20 mule team borax! Why doesn't it accelerate the fast neutrons? Note to.Iran : Hide your nuclear wastes in pools of water. Boom! Element 5 has new interesting chemistry. (Better living through chemistry,right? ) Well, if we do not know basic things how can we build complicated things safely?
SH and JScott  Neat bubble link, Jes. Once we get past the idea "mass is a knot of space." A hoot. Did they solve it? So if very rapid micro pulsars explain that analogous debate where do the missing spectra go in those fluid scales of "dark hydrogen bonding"? You must have overheard Feynman talking in his sleep :-)
I made a drawing but it lost in a power outage glitch. Basically 8 tetracibes in 32 cells then add 32 as a.mirror then isolate and interchange the 4 chiral ones. 64 - 8 = 56 = 9 x 6 plus 2 = 2 x (27 + 1) 
Now 64 - 24 = 40 and 64 - 36 = 28. 5D - 4D close sphere packing. 28 codons implied as 4D. This assumed intuitively long ago while making variations on the SOMA cube puzzle SomaMore. Note 240 is the number of 8D spheres around a center one and is the number of SOMA solutions. 25 is the number as initiator. Jes.
Jes Scott replied  I wonder if that child is still in all of us learned adults. I have some serious questions for Jr.
Ron, the Lord of the Dark Force, our skywalking father, must think we are peons instead of pions and that laser sword size matters to the landscape environment in this age where the masses are more sophisticated via science fiction. But man cannot live only to save the princess nor by Wonder Woman bread alone :-)
In a more unified physics the structure or design of the model makes sense for something, not necessarily a quantum or gravity concept can act as a binder or mediator between two such spaces real or implied as if a dark or neutral horizon of the symmetrical and at once asymmetrical as more fundamental physics. The hierarchy and parity of dimensional subcells between dimensions is obvious simple geometry of 4 'pion'-like objects where color and structure are exchanged by such probability condensed gravitational matter = condensed material gravitation. CMG can be put into strings as mediators in these quasifinitely described models as implied but not complete supersymmetry or time arrow directions. Such inevitible lesser speculations are logical and consistent , predictable. I use the term 'Quasic' as it is more fundamental than QM. But this came before quarks and quasars and string theories as TOEs. The counting in detail of low dimensions and partical generations is the key where CGM as the Higgs field is at once one object and many objects aabstractly. In three generations we assert Higgs can act as both a mediator and terminator as in the dynamic expression of DNA in all its representations over the quasic field. But this is not the last word on the Big Picture and Big Show.
The first being the last, rinse and repeat. Echo. I wonder how that looks as a mathematical model. JS said
L. Edgar Otto Why does 480 come up in the usual physics equations? After all these are integer numbers. But when I do some calculations it is in binary. Not geometric images. I think you are right, it could explain light in compressed fluids but so could tension kinks in a breaking knot. Either way a 3-space problem. (If I understand you were thinking about it this way smile emoticon )
Jes Scott Mass as a knot would incorporate Penrose's twistor work very very nicely...I hope he's on the right track, I love watching his ideas evolve. And I really like that complex analysis ought to be considered as physical properties of nature. I cant imagine it any other way and still have electromagnetism work the way it does. It depends on i. How could i then be reduced to an abstract concept I don't know. I may be too naïve still. My mind is not trained to go down one path yet so everything in my head interacts with itself still, strying to solve a very very very big jigsaw puzzle. I'm very curious if my creative inclination in physics goes away with longer, harder schooling, or gets more keen and inspired... Piano helps. Tons.
Rob Gerardi Interesting discussion you two.
Jes Scott Oh that's pretty. Very pretty.... Gödel did a mathematical model for nonlinear time in which he first supposed the universe to be a rotating superfluid. From this a ring in the center should transpire in which time would exist along the path of that ring. It would be hilarious if ever we decided the universe to be a rotating soccer ball. Nah....that's just silly. Unless it was a point...too? Where's Ron Hubbard when I need him.

In theory those visible if we could see everywhere beyond the perspective from incoming data by the speed of light, these tend to be a finite number on the average as are the protons. But how many of this as a universal cosmic model could exist beyond what we really cannot see or know something there is an open question.
This explains why most people live on the surface between the dark and light of day. Somewhere in between, the dawn and twilight, thus like birds or fish that is when we sing. But the inquisitive seek more of the night for sound travels further in the deeps and the swooping owls with their expert talons to build their nests with single strands of your black hole hair are thought evil demons or highly intelligent when it may be just a matter of an anomaly of devoting so much of their brain matter to their eyes. If there are no gray groups there is not balance living on the surface of processes without mystery and passion for a stable life social yet in its own right the forces gray. Can science sustain its imagination?
Jes DM   

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