Wednesday, July 8, 2015

If a Tree Falls in a Forest and We There...?

If a tree falls in a forest and we there, collectively or individually, would we hear it anyway.  I posted this comment to Sabine's timely and timeless question:

Genius is bounded like large extra dimensions. So if we are experts and strive for fairness and scientific honesty in the data at least, who can determine even over distant times and societies, what is genius that with healthy skepticism may not know what they are talking about nor if it is without the fullness of time incalculable? There are so many names of some theorem or mathematical symbol,some experimental result, some simple ideas overlooked or forgotten. This topic on my mind lately, and presumably it is on our collective minds. Hard to read a paper or an abstract that uses some name so I have to look it up in the hypertext and search engines... We need a hypertext of the hypertext if it can be done where things are put into some pattern - one as a reference that itself may be questioned. In a sort of periodic table of engineers and theoreticians things could be more easily communicated if we choose to follow down a certain path... but in general the clarity would allow us to make better social and individual decisions as to where an how we may further evolve, evaluate, and discover truly new ideas.

The old tree fell in a storm but I slept through it... it seems to have landed in the right place- not the building or knocking down the electrical wires with it...  This at a time of increasing sensibility to new ideas, spring gardens, falling dreams.


and posted comment to Matti Pitkanen:

So, Matti, What then is magnetism other than anyone who has played with magnets and can see and feel what is really sort of invisible? We can see the magnetic lines form say from powdered iron filings. But is this the magnetism itself no matter how we make hierarchies or expand our flux tubes in the imagined dark and negative spaces? I could agree that such tubes are real and material in effect and yes something limits this process if seen as quantum or relativistic in the space. The representation of a series of sheets is one form of a few models but the deep calculation still escapes us. Some things seem as much fixed as critical. With a more general theory it seems reasonable to say light itself may work rather well in redesigning or healing our biological systems, as well as where there can be an observation and unique diagnosis. These are important thoughts, mainstream or not, and have a role in the Bigger is not even sufficient to say we cannot exceed N unless we understand better the prime calculation and environs from one of our perspectives we assume a necessity.


Then in Reply to Jaya on my fb cover photo  Butterfly Garden:

 A garden in a garden... the lone scientist and the working together to learn (Sabine's blogspot topic today). We four winged things bring our perspective both individually and socially, yet even numbers defy calculation as well the symbols toward a common origin of ideas or future ones as we try to see the totality and the best in all our perspectives. Sometimes it is good that our gardens are a constant and that if the old tree has to fall past winter as it grows hollow and moldy...that things are inspiring as if reborn. Let it fall where it does the least damage whether we can hear it over the storms or not.


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