Friday, July 17, 2015

Pluto-Charon Doubling Dice on 24 Pips and Bar of Backgammon

We can artistically focus on reduced but integrated false colors...from the unified double planet nature (symbolically) divides into bosonic Mordor and its fermionic pair to which the original link between surfaces have materialized so as if to quasi vanish. Pluto has cleared its orbit at a scale of minor debris, via chaotic stability. Is not Jupiter in a sense a moon of the sun, and the asteroids its ring?  So by that definition Pluto is a planet doubling and halving its scale - and we could have predicted no debris hazard as New Horizon approached, Ralph and Alice...  one of these days to the moon, Alice... and all that.  The realized local principle of the 24 pips and the bar in doubled dice backgammon of actual and virtual and virial backreaction.

There is of course more than these three, at least one or two preaternatural more quasic branes but this status on fb I posted from a dream where I wrote a summary paper:  July 18th 2015

We can read information from simulations once we understand Weyl points and the boundaries... If we see these as planes (branes) there are at least three types that can be superimposed 1. a slice thru a Natural dimension, N...   a sequence shift thru the Quasic Dimension  Q... and a generational loopy at the foundations  of neutral open or closed quasi parity probability of recursive n-ality G... for a start and from my dream as I slept late through the storms... seems odd not posting for 17 hrs, connections slow... oh, I recall, a key point:  BBC radio on in the background, everything else electronic unplugged... a study of different cells in rats that base their sense of navigation from processes that adjust to time and orientations not from the outside changes but from within.  Think about it for general structures of physical things.


  1. Boson is rich in pairing and sharing the same location. If so , volume could increase in Pluto when it was out of gravitational field away from Sun. . Weyl Fermion and Neutrinos also seem to increase Pluto's volume to me .

  2. This seems the case, Jaya, as well it may contain more hidden content, compressed matter or radiation pressure potential like. But regardless of the material reality or illusion of such general models it seems clear to me we can extract meaning and information (usually by changing quasi-fixed points) from models like Joseph Kover's simulations, and these with a little better general theory can make predictions in the near future of our theory and technology.

  3. Pluto brought Charion with him and we can see the 'Heart-Sign' in Pluto and we can see 'Dimple Sign' in Charion . 1st time , Romantic Literature has run out in the Planets , wow fantastic . Brian Greene often used to tell us about Two dimension - Major Dimension and Curled up small Dimension along the Major Dimension which seems noticeably right .