Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Teleoscoping Metamaterials as Quasic Dimensional Information

Mentioned as breaking news today on science daily the physical concept of metamaterials demonstrated... in this sense by teleoscoping I mean the (quasic) information contained in an orthogonal (folding cubes where they share an edge that somewhere the holographic information and the relative unit length can be seen as equal between natural dimensions so defined.  This is the topological sense of what is touch (substance or delay) and the spectrum of sight over its universe of discourse as constants, dimensionless or otherwise.  That place where the Plutomnium meets the Teleomnium that time while it is fixed it is also asymmetric as dimensions seem to unfold.    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/07/150714113026.htm

I have said before that the science news magazines sometimes have a flood of articles with connected links.  Well, in the Tsunami of today's links on science daily reading them after the post with thoughts that take a lifetime before the facts - the stated 'new' problems are conservative that as with CERN and pentaquarks it may not be time to break out the champagne... who wants to drink alone or in an anonymous crowd although the excitement and distance of long data arrival delay is  welcome to many of us.  In times of doubt and drought articles can be a contradiction in their links - such as if we can see nano changes in color why can we not see minor changes in women's faces at the peak of fertility?  Anyway, I have called this area of ideas " Last Face " as matters of physical craft construction.  At the moment when all things considered there is little difference in the hands on (taking time, energy, and resources) artistic approach and that of virtual simulations, the latter seems the best use of my efforts - but if in a better way to organize our time and efforts we need to know where these ideas meet that we can attempt a better organization.  We need better exercise for the brain-mind and if a new level of physics awaits us (there are so many hinted at new ways to interpret things) it should begin early on that for our species we do physics the old fashioned way where a PhD means original and fundamental new ideas - at least once where we then make it easier that others can rapidly share.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-NWkpNs-ce18/VaV24JyAMhI/AAAAAAAAQhA/TZ-BBxhVpds/s1600/pentaquarks.JPG    http://pesla.blogspot.com/2015/07/analog-duality-and-coherent-pentaquark.html  I tried early on to visualize four space and to do so first from a simpler model that I could think about things spatially as if pictures in my mind I tried a 3x3x3 cube of bright points on clear surfaces like a 3D tic tac toe game... it worked but proved a hard exercise and not as simple as I thought on the way to higher space visualization.  This seems to be the case in matters of three space group theory. I was deep into working with physical prototypes so just sketched these notes to myself not intended to post as is.  I came to post it and to check the news on Pluto and mention the result on science daily of this layer in our outer brain for such visualization.  So I have not read today's articles there yet... not easy to find the ones to give you the link of yesterday... interestingly the image of the hand if I read only the title of chimps if it takes up brain space like in humans is physically - that is hands on- more complex than human hands  This sort of four fold and five fold simulation, that subtle distinction of permutations and combinations as well and that between the Feynman quarter rotations,  Joseph Kover's visualizable results or the role of such negative or empty regions where imaginary vectors merge, that which is clay as well as dream in the deeper determination of our more or less fixed constants is the beginning of a new level of understanding... even the idea of that barrier between mother and fetus as a new test for cancer or not passed on to the child if the mother is so... seems to me expression of such n-fold representations. This is an exciting time for a little better physics... a rather Big Show.    So Lubos, is it really 4 quarks and an antiquark?  It is a little more general Big Picture but as to how well our primate brains work in these theoretical matters it is a really Big Show.  I know you who have related views whom I know on facebook will know where their own concepts apply in the emerging wider physics. I do not mean to leave you out of any essential documentation.

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