Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trinity Day and Weyl Ideal Singularity Points Directly Detected

     Happy Trinity Day ... we also have become the creator of worlds... 16 years before the test said to knock alien craft out of the sky (hey it feels like it to my life and then it seems a generation or so were getting slower again)  Weyl and these things like near monopoles... they are a little more - so let us praise Weyl for his cool evaluation of intuitionist ideas.  But isn't it great to be working with concepts all along then to find that someone eventually brings them into the mainstream and experiments and some idea of new technologies?

    Jung, his idea of man and his symbols, suggested we are the projections of the "aliens" rather than they projected from us.  So we take what we want from ideas of thinkers in the past, into our own perspective, declare some dreams too mystical.  From his focus from the universe's multiple perspective ideal points at infinity... is it not reasonable to imagine that in some sense atoms evolve as other physical things and issues of cause and memory? Was his idea really to bizarre to be true Dr. mass converted into energy equations that led to our power over little suns?

* * *

Abstractly, in the recursive (table cloth like) fractal aspects of the general quasic grid... we have to take such a centered singularity idea to finer definition that combines the general string-like landscape of the Weyl gauge grid to the Majorana concepts of particles and "transitive" over the universe of discourse ideas of such information.  Without the Bigger Picture some model concepts are developed as abstract ideas which only exist to ground the model but do not necessarily connect what is lost in our trivial description of reality or remains only accessible within the hierarchy of our dreams.  Much of our debates is this general duality as a principle of exclusion by which to go deeper in the understanding to to seem or be a real threat to what progress our models have made.

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