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Epiphany, Ecstasy, and Experts for Our Eureka Moments

Epiphany, Ecstasy, and Experts for Our Eureka Moments L. Edgar Otto 07-25-15

There is a phenomenon in our species I have seen over and over again, one of how we evaluate our own or others work, overreaching and overestimating it at times or underestimating it, established in the safety of the elite crowd by irony as in the know.

A leap of understanding deduced or stumbled upon that fills us with a vague but intense moment of ecstasy which some take as cracking a great hidden secret of the universe that stand out by the cautious science minded as a deep and preciously rare mystical experience.

This then accepted and built upon as if a logic that can be applied. One that may be a bottleneck of visions and counting as well, where such thought processes meet. But is secret again, a protection of our new state of being in privacy that the epiphany can be protected from mundane lesser profane thinkers in the world.

That or we with less self doubt with more doubt for the experts sometimes surrender to them or our leaders as if they are gods to find mental balance.

Then again, given social voice and opportunity by circumstance, like most anyone, entangled games with others have no hidden motives in our own or their exchanges in conversation. For me Conway comes to mind. We all deal with such concepts of psychology as if degrees of all of the above traits of personality.

Would you gaze through a window at the falling snow from the warm artificial sunlight of your hearth? Or go outside, brave the cold to capture a snowflake a short while to observe its pattern before it melts in in your hand?

Science and life tries to delay the decay, parameters controlled to observe the symmetry a little longer, a drive to know despite life's burdens and sacrifices.

It seems to me rather Biblical, the fact nets of 153 fish – truths of the influences of Greek philosophy and number theory where in its day at the dawn of music of the spheres, we pass on patterns and store golden ages if we can keep or recall them through generations. That passage foresaw for ideas ideas in our day, and for our own particle generation limits what like the dust we stand on is contained as a concept of asymptotic freedom.

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Some Poetic comments to science articles posted on facebook:

This explains why most people live on the surface between the dark and light of day.  Somewhere in between, the dawn and twilight, thus like birds or fish that is when we sing.  But the inquisitive seek more of the night for sound travels further in the deeps and the swooping owls with their expert talons to build their nests with single strands of your black hole hair are thought evil demons or highly intelligent when it may be just a matter of an anomaly of devoting so much of their brain matter to their eyes.  If there are no gray groups there is not balance living on the surface of processes without mystery and passion for a stable life social yet in its own right the forces gray.   Can science sustain its imagination?

Will humans take on the role of corals?  Free floating larva that responds to the changes in the environment - climate, sea level and so on a barrier reef against the dark attracting and sustaining other life forms - if we find a place to be established but fixed awhile before we spend our light and leave great castles in the depths and sky?

On the illustration above there I added on the photo a caption   "Building bridges across the confluence of our dreams"  but I hope also to post one from the same perspective when and if we really build the bridge."

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