Sunday, July 5, 2015

QsDynamics XII Semi-classical Computation and Chiral Gravity

QsDynamics XII

Comment to Joseph M.   The topological insulator is simply the topology.  There is a human element to our semi-classical notions and computations.  What this amounts to in our era is to ask ourselves, including what may be hidden in the mix, what do we really mean by solutions to equations, especially when we consider things like the holographic principle as our methods of the calculus which on the constructible face of it seems to be a total solution.  But this is not my idea yet one of those at the frontier of our research.  I will say that the E8 exceptional group involved, at least Euclidean, was my choice from the beginning as to how early string ideas seemed to focus from solutions of the whole.

* * *

Many over the years have taken the simple paper clip in their office and made long chains of them. It occurred to me there were a lot more things one can do with the symmetry of this simple shape.  I include in this photo the magnetic wooden stamps for my prototype acrylic game board supports.  In this I also put the ratio of chiral loops (as say internal frequencies) to which the half alphabet or the transparent one (without the spaghetti) when spin seem to reverse direction - and yet if we reverse the loop it has no difference in the alphabetic shapes as if these asymmetric.  So there is a place where the backreaction is at once both symmetric and asymmetric intrinsically.  We see here that also we can regard the internal connections as parallels or a sort of square wave themselves accentuating the perpendicular axes with respect to the whole as preternaturally both continuous or discrete.

* * *
It is not the gambling itself that as part of the picture risks the totality of interpretations, but the idea of what in a theory is guaranteed on some level... pre-existing conditions or not... but the insurance for the models and their building. Things can get confusing when the total state is vanishing, when our servicing the debt to old ideas can no longer afford the co-payments and yet we remain here, even if bankrupt.

* * *

The light green and red stars can be interchanged as 24 + 1 = 25 as if on the roads a surface squared, thus the strength of the standard model...the grey and dark yellow are the same, and the background is much wider in conception than this minimal symbolic universe. The Hampton Yacht club pennant is a tapering red triangle on dark or navy blue - can be almost black. There are other considerations of the colors like the major background could be cosmic latte.or its inverse. Some colors off spectrum, cyan and magenta, become white with the four point stars. Also when there are 36 radial things these can be an additional three or six in the count... note that here also we detect a 90 degree spin of the cube where it passes thru the center point.

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