Monday, July 20, 2015


Sometimes we find little truths on the way to more general theories, so there is wiggle room for our imaginations in the dark and this can be seen as evidence as we try to find the pattern as if something happened (like Uranus pushed out of the usual spin by some catastrophe)  At least this is seen as a mystery still in how our solars systems are formed...  So as we go beyond Neptune and contemplate wider dimensions I give you another alternate theory- Lisanardo the enigmatic smile that questions issues of gender (of numbers that is) and the question if Leonardo made a second painting or it was just a clone of his apprentice if not his Ganymede that once filled the constellation Aquarius in the sky. It was a joint enterprise of craftsmen after all back then.  Why did the Neanderthal's vanish?  Perhaps because they did not divide the labor of their genders (even if they were smarter the sexy cromags surpassed them.  There is no intrinsic man woman war nor wish to live vs death wish, necessarily.  But the problem or bottleneck here is that we can go too far in the dominance of one gender... and their codes of inheritance. For one extreme replicates the male code itself subduing the women and the other extreme is a mirror, really a sociobiology, were all is one gender save the queen and her double chromosomes and a few worthless drones for a single colony of infertile female workers.

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  1. In mammals , father are thought dominance and their children go more about their fathers rather than in mother in natural selection . So what site of male is more stronger than that of female ? And what did Neanderthal really loss that they could not fit for natural selection ? What was that Quasi that should have to go in continuous generation and should have to fit with cosmos ?