Thursday, July 30, 2015

On the Transactional DreamSpace Universe (XdsU)

On the Transactional DreamSpace Universe  (XdsU)    L. Edgar Otto

The use of a plus sign with a circle around it as a form of positive addition that leads to cascades of weights by matrices of in graph theory while a consistent method that presents proofs should consider dark mirrors implied or in actuality as if for particle physics and the simplest laws of motion, quasic praeternatural motion, leads to a wider conception of what are the laws of physics.  It is a question of what is the container as well as what is that contained in relation to directions a the question of the initial designation as if something comes into existence or vanishes as being more than the permutations over generations quasifinite and tachyonic like in expression of those laws that seem both acceleration and probabilistic degrees of arrow of time biases.

Interesting things can be concluded as to the accumulation of wisdom both in an individual and for society.  Some things in this doubly synthetic theory as thought can remain unresolved that for civilization and of the role of science and scientists with a better explanation, the Big Science model of which we seem to have survived without consensus on such alternative possibilities.  From this view there are no guarantees that individual thinkers, those who take a modest synthetic step hailed as Nobel Prize worthy, it truly original as if a theory of everything.  Application of ideas of chain reaction is engineering for the environs of its day.  Where there is anomalies that seem to violate existing laws at all is merely the artifact of our use of limited notation.  Even if the effect is small if there is any at all it eventually leads toward exponential inflation, such as cosmic inflation ideas. Of which small changes can make great social ones that justifies expense for the industrial complex with a projects of its won as Big Science or rather rumors of it, Big Science Fiction to build on the directions at hand or in some sense to defeat them.

The transactional idea is the application of lesser initiator and terminator places in a coherent matrix of matrices that that of simple being. It can be considered supernatural as well or interpreted as people do not have any necessary reality of human rights save by power and the fortunes of war. But what I address here is not the confusions of ideology and politics nor the questions of what is the culture or ethics of the day.  The essential question I will answer from this alternative view is “Of What does the Fetus Dream” when it spends so much time in REM sleep?  Consider this an introduction to further thoughts and simulations when I have sufficient access to the virtual world and its logic as well as the question of what it means to access our dreams and there nature as if we each have so much endowment to reach our individual understanding of space as dreams itself that we can find more than these facts of space and time as one initial being of motion, one living in the the state of the moment, or one cascade of a razors edge or fraying tightrope are methods of analysis and forewarning for those awakened in the world that may prove to the wise ones among us we are just meaningless symbols in limited arrays.

Nevertheless, this alternative conception as disturbing as it may be to long standing issues of our era, what is toxic of race and culture as recurrent themes or simply where does the universe of indifference stand on what is good or evil, what of lives matter or beyond present conditions can be planned such that no life on earth is in the way of pointless awakened arbitrary progress.  Dreams as such have their place but the duality seems elusive and full of self deception in our isolation or protections that we may commit and function to some style of living.  I can write in the purity of dreams but not even a photo to record them directly as things stand as if only what is the even and not focused landscape is accessible.  Yet, from the intuitive inspiration of such imagination I clearly present this a little more experienced than from the imagined purity of some degree of our childlike natures that this leap of synthesis and analysis is in fact presented to you from a being that on awakening presents it as awake.

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