Friday, July 17, 2015

Metaphysics of Clay IV : Tautopal 13th Sphere Close Packing Quasi Parity

For Lubos and other stringers over the last 50 years or so too:   There is no guarantee that someone will be read correctly or that we will understand the depths of what is written. What seems trivial  in a sort of exclusion principle to what seems significant from the alternative view is a threat to what principles are face saving to what one thinks as a sensible model.  Are you saying we need theories of a hologram or renormalization that is not the same trivial statement that some form of string theories are necessarily coupled?  The duality between our dream states (a little wider than even M like theories may or may not have implied or necessary connections to our sober awakened models.  But out mechanism tends to find reasons to keep us in the dream so not as to awaken if the body needs more sleep. Perhaps the LQG shares this problem of models where the cosmology may try to exclude singularities. (Where is the application in nature to the Weyl gauge and just how far have we trivially observed his more or less fixed monopole singularity points?  Have we really seen evidence of these directly anymore than trying to see gravitrons directly?  And i these were more fundamental than a neutrino that has some mass so they are not that, then what of more general sequences of possible things or states where information can be Majorana like regardless if gravity can be explained as open or closed loops or strings?

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