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INSEI X : An Experimental Test of Quasicity

INSEI X : An Experimental Test of Quasicity

***0 - Because of notation such that he binary information compacts or preserves the pattern between 4 and 8 dimensions and evidently the groups involved, a link between quaternions and octonians as an example of complex number intelligibility, we can imagine an experimental test in a controlled laboratory setting if the cosmic parameters are within the reach of our machines.

***1 - Since by quasic concepts these structures and analogs involve the complexity in systems with and in a nucleus, we should expect the forthcoming collisions of of lead and other atoms in the LHC to be capable of yielding surprising exotic physics along these lines including, for example, the creation (akin to the term in Hoyle's sense) of surplus protons with definite connections and intelligible counts and inheritance of pathways or trajectories (if these can be inferred without a better lensing theory and devices from the new particle zoo debris). What sort of physics would be between such groups of space discretely? What sort if from a quasic view such physics is already in a sense a unity? On this level we can conceptually distinguish models of fusion and fission and their shadow analogs as if a global general symmetry.

(Hey Lubos, a powerful polemic today on the crackpots- but the study of cosmology as philosophy is certainly not a dead but a new field- as philosophy it makes sense to me only I would call that universe a blackberry with black holes also. After the people of the book we will have to show clearly where Buddhist ideas fit in for they were here long before relativity and quantum uncertainty. One needs to explain why physics cannot go back and one hopes we do not get stuck forever on some idea that does not move forward, especially if this is not science but a quasi religious undertaking.)

***2 We may have to ask again just how safe are such experiments but on a higher level of concern. If these effects are a part of nature, nature tends to heal herself and such small effects in a small region should remain relatively local- barring unknown exotic effects imaginable but still beyond our speculative fiction. For example a weapon of action at a specific distance or subtle changes in present time as if time travel beyond the spacious present working in a sub-spacetime. Why are fission products ( or fusion with muon catlysts) not generally globally symmetric?

NOTE: we should not imagine the Kaaba as an object of idolatry nor the meteor (insei) within it as such an object of worship- but these just as a needle on a volt meter changes by our dreams point to higher and deeper concepts of our cosmology. If the reference frame is to do the work of God for physics even if it is the skeleton of quasics or math or logic and the concepts are not as alive as our thinking- it is but a beautiful but lesser shell, a human artifact the simple minded cannot see as idolatry.

* * *

Jessica Told Me Long Ago of Her Secret Dream of Deltafane L. Edgar Otto

Our past in the pueblo and mesas
our dreams when I look for you
not just deadwood but a petrified forest

It took so long with my meager tools of sharpened sticks
to carve for you a cist through white gypsum
set beneath a vertical slab of sandstone three by five

We, who dined on eagles eggs
shells and stones and worked deer bones
mats and baskets, feathered prayer sticks painted green

Ten pieces of pottery, bowls and dippers
seeds of squash and corn for you journey to the underworld
shattered, cleaned, crushed and charred your ossuary

Where they made a feast of your soul
yet set you in the Northeast, daughter of royalty

Even then seeing God and time so much closer
in the desert, faces toward the single sun
sacred frog the symbol on the vase, water carried from far away

The people spoke to each other as we did with spirits
of happy hour in the bar drinking sulfur springs and toxins
doctors gave to you slurring your speech but not our resonating DNA

I do not know if I loved you for your spirit or body alone
or for longing to taste the tears from your single azure eye
we talked of our lovers driving us to ruin, not looking crossing streets

Oh, he is not around me no more, Cherwine from your home town
says he needs food but I saw his dozens of empty vodka bottles.
So that's why you couldn't sleep that night I heard your name crash on my scanner.

I said I'd marry you if you had not found someone by thirty
we did not hold each other to it, now your passing in your prime

Only you must know how I react to it, our hearts long dry, too numb
too wounded long ago our loving, yet ours always morning sun

* * *

Here later today I found a relevant article. Yet, it is an example of how nature may have in its ongoing experiment uniquely arisen, or more rarely so, by first principles- here volume and energy of the mitochondria- and how we who undertake theory interpret these natural experiments and their frequency.

I note two thinks, the comparison of the elephant to the mouse. The issue for more complex cells is also a general theory of a nucleus, organic or inorganic, and the fact that the metabolism of size**** is the square root of the fourth power! By this we come again to the speculation that life could be more prevalent in the universe than we now suspect based on general principles and universal laws.

**** October 22 footnote: [I meant to say here the fourth root (of the time) - so why did I make this typo? It seems throughout history this sort of space concept if very slippery, the Greeks and doubling a cube. Part of it is our concept of halving and doubling- I have found books that teach algebra that says the fourth root of minus 16 is impossible and others that explain how and generalize the result yet it leaves out the very real nodes on a circle which gives us a vague understanding of real discrete things in a context- the idea that at the bottom of things there is a flux and no absolute vacuum- today on newscientist I find a discussion of computer simulation of "hot dark matter" which makes an equivalent modeling to the idea of "cold dark matter". So I ask if this is in a sense not a mistake as if one read the radical sign at first glance as a square root- after all, these questions of inflation and branes colliding and so on and as Matti in TGD blog today in his excellent and informative commentary geometry applies and of course the 2 or 4 ness maybe not just a matter of taste in the Dirac formalism and perhaps the doubling of the shift of mercury initial error. One thing for sure many of us have for a long time asked questions I see now being asked in the literature. I note also from another blog I follow a commentary on Nexium and its chiral center of Sulphur but the author shows how it makes no difference if it is a pure or mixed form when it becomes adsorbed in the gut- despite the difference in cost of the forms of this drug.]

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