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Mumblegrunt I

Mumblegrunt I L. Edgar Otto 10-31-10

Again, the shadow dialog in the background focuses on shared themes. So before I begin this post proper I record this comment made to Lubos post today although, especially in this time of populism and need for sanity I wonder if our time and money is not better spent as we have to face war and politics. What a wondrous thing this virtual language full of mumblegrunts fresh anew, and mumblerants!

That map of a future Europe is hilarious, Lubos.
In a time when some say we should limit population growth the industrial nations are losing population.
I suspect this is because of the new liberal institution of abortion, not from a moral viewpoint but from common sense. Yes, we should consider the need to expand and restrict over extensions of economic well being in a closed system.
Yet how did the periphery of the former USSR arise in power if not the equality by a rise in population, Eastern Europe in particular?
What of the counter to other world populations in growth in new areas like Latin America? Do we really want a civilization by drug cartels? Do we expect those whose citizens have an average age of 14 to be wise enough to run a state? Is it a good policy to ask immigrant workers to come into the USA ,even long standing Latino citizens here, usually republican, seek to secure their place and limit this threat to their economy- and yet it was the republicans who first encouraged this immigration for workers policy. But it cannot work even at the sacrifice of the work of homesteaders building capital with hard labour until the next generation is more secure and law and order is established in the land. The Latin immigrants cannot expect there next generation to find work in this country- save perhaps the drug trade.
We all seem to want to be blessed under some banner of peace as peace makers- but where is science and culture that we hope in dialog to find paradise yet despair in some final misunderstanding that the only solution is the vanquishing of dialog that leads to enemies- at what point do we appeal with such ultimates and not love or reason despite our wounds of chance and fate? Surely there is a world beyond blind sincerity. Surely if we are wise in the discernment of truth and falsity in science we can begin to give a good weight to these age old problems of faith and freedom, individuals and society.

I would suggest we sensible citizens make more love and less war.

* * *

I may post the several pages called Mumblegrunt for those of us who seek truth more in the virtual world- or seek to undermine it as if language matters in the form of struggle in the virtual marketplace of ideas- but here I post a poem which came at the end of the pages- I really had a lot of informal thoughts which in the end describe a wider field of structures in both the physics and the design of language and ends on that old frontier that asks of the universe and gods, if there is somehow a program or space and logical structure of emotions (of which we are conscious in our desires) for machines- perhaps we included- that needs to be asked and resolved again from a still higher perspective. The metaphor of religions as we know them raise the rather modern question as to that cultural conflict of free will and state authority determinism (under the modern and pragmatic guise of socialism as state capitalism) of How can such educated and enlightened people commit atrocities in the world (the old stance of victims asked deep in their core by the Jews in the World War)? Or What can we expect between if we ever find a true ground of enlightenment that if it undermines our faiths and opinions it leaves us a better world and not just struggle in conflict and emptiness?

* * *

When we explore language, engage and encounter great and fundamental ideas, it changes our perception of truths and faiths- if not such themselves.

Can we really distinguish between the eternally everlasting and everlasting eternity?

Foreclosing Mortgages (Dead Wagers) L. Edgar Otto 10-31-10

A living God as universe, forever and ever
for ever His will and fate
Exists larger than our mortal, ephemeral,
empty finite bagatelle lives of no directions

Or He, mortgaged to His fate, bankrupt, the Holy City
sealed and auctioned by the ugly malevolent sheriff
To that entropy of gambles where we're left homeless
still warm in despair without end. for ha'pence to the crowns

I cannot doubt, have felt your sincerity, true believer,
my self has felt the truth in my conscience, its evidence and
Appeal to life, a church greater than such worldly authorities
I fear our garden of alliance falls to enmity in enlightening each other

Life's not for sacrifice, that the realm and right of prophets and God
To us alone in our sand grains of choices we make for sacrificing
in the pilgrimage and whirlwind made of souls

* * *

Were it as simple as our suffering and trials here then a better place
children, switches, twigs so grow the tree
But here and now as well as then our hungry roots find heaven in our earth

I, in some image, but a shadow of strength, mossy, bearded Old Man
my moldy branches fall a the slightest wind upon you without warning
The flood of time undermines the bank, washes out my ground down river

"But I am God!" our hearts protest at ease in truth sincerely
Yes, that too self sacrificed along with earthly soul you sold
Self proclaimed behind your duty in false prophesy.

* * * *

For my facebook status today of things on my mind:

If we do not struggle against our fate there is no tragedy, nor conflict in the drama, nor comfort in knowing nature's melodrama of accidental faults more than our own, not even our selfish thwarted desires to be seen as comedy. Our play becomes a farce, and life as holy but shadows where emptiness has walls, we inferring God's creative message of reason and words in pantomime.

* * *

remind me to remark on how I saw some things as a child but they were not as rich as when my brother and I saw the drawings years later as we saw them then.

I took this test and am not quite sure it is better than the usual fare- I was aware when I had made mistakes of being tired or the music on in the kitchen or what I should have answered knowing it would make a higher score in the questions part- guess I do need some more exercise... Of course this is fun ( a little long I think, sore neck, smudged glasses, raman diet lately, weather change and sleep and so on- but here is the results in hopes this approach adds to such research. I know I am better as some of the things than that, obviously... and for some I did quite well when I let the force be with me so as to spot certain patterns right away- or in the cross check as if counting on my fingers took time away from what was correct. But I like this game and I do not do computer games beyond the wolfen daddy please dont hurt me level of expertise. Still, this begins to tell me where I could improve my methods and use of time- who knows, plot the map of this mumblejumble idea of brain in mumblegrunt space of some sort of language deep in our brain scans? This may be about as useful now as knowing the raw code of our genome- well, maybe for being at a crime scene :-)

[like the middle of a semester one wonders why we put ourselves thru this and that it does not really matter so of course there is no challenge for credentials or genius]:

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