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L. Edgar Otto (facebook status): In the voting booth may the force be with you as you listen to the rumble in your gut. The depots come to power speaking mumblegrunt, then entertain us as we slave if they stay in control, trolls with promises speaking fluent grumblemut...

* * *

Wittgenstein has said that if a lion could speak we would not understand his language. Of course the later Wittgenstein had a more general and wider concept of language as representations within representations (and he is still here to question some of our pretensions to possible certainties in notions and speech.)

But he did not unify the stances of his research and much of it was beyond the physics and what we have learned of genetics since that time. Language study became polarized and a matter of propaganda, a tool for extreme political philosophy -social culture in conflict with inherited racial logic. Not surprisingly in matters of our still vague understanding of consciousness, democracy became more a word defined as a reaction to extremes amplifying the underlying ground of questions of dualism in a hopeful but technological age.

Caught in this impasse, democracy as political compromise is seen as unstable and hard to defend despite its giving honest weight as a system of Lockean balances. Without such compromise, a word that defines pragmatic politics, political view tend toward violence and delayed absurdities.

We, as primates speak bold an loudly. Yet we are not that different in the gene code from the canines. We are leaning more about the genome on a higher level of its reading to know there are new questions of quality as to what is so similar including the evolving culture and wisdom of man. (thank you Matti, I did not know you were a brother in the organic and topological applications to DNA until yesterday- indeed I vaguely called such morphogenic like fields leonic long ago) Our smile, a physical gesture, the canines read as an aggressive baring of teeth. The wolf's view of sound signals between them is a social view and respect for resources between packs in the wild. To say to a great ape, "Lower your voice!" may not be an appeal to reason but for its obedience, domestication possible by our empathetic social and generally survival natures.

Empires some philosophers suggest, those with philosophies of science especially, are said to fail for the very reason submitting to an occupying power breeds resentment. This can be true even within a state such as our national security state where it has to arm itself against its own people. But there are degrees of slavery, and part of control is that they can count on the safety valve of the rants and grumbles of their dogs.

Those who begin in the raw at the rise of a new or mutation of civilization as if it could arise anew in an ever smaller world and economy limited by real or false scarcity- a revolution back to some real or mythical golden age is mumblegrunt of proto-facism. Yet they can ape the socialists wolves in sheep skins playing victims to stay long in power fluent as well in grumblemut.

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