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INSEI IX: pq-adic space -The Other Reference Frame

INSEI IX: The Other Reference Frame

Quantum Super-relativity, Eddington string, Dirac Space, Quasi-uranoidal space or quasuroidal (QUr)
L. Edgar Otto 10-19-10

**0 A more general idea of a string (taken to a vanishing point via some hypostasis of quasic states) is one that when cut produces two strings with two ends each, or two strings with one end or two strings with no ends. Alternatively, these are states (ends) as point particle descriptions. But a string can also be cut into two with multiple ends.

**1 A quasi-uroidal view [Uranoid Eddington's term for universe with 256 coordinates]- imagine space relationships as four space "flanged" into three space)may read these co-variant vectors and others in an entirely different direction and arrangements, each equivalent and each (in this model) as valid as the other.

**2 Roughly, these describe the difference between electrons and magnetic effects, the vanishing as a general process mentioned above may emit "photons" alternatively change the field as if instantaneous photons. (a grounding theory of the age of visibility in an early universe state this may supply) Here we begin to resolve the reversible and seemingly not symmetric ideas of Maxwell- and wrap our heads around the idea as paradoxical and abstract as the I Ching codes stable within ever changing.

**3 The number (based on Eddington's and Dirac's concern with dimensionless constants and the idea of coincidences of values in nature's scales) of protons or electrons in the compass of a continuum-quasicontinuum model such as this, needs not be strictly the same numbers even over time compared with a "super" or more general global averaging. (again, most unsolved problems of physics starts with closed minds and fossilized ideas more than the obvious chaos in creative thought)

**4 This is the foundation of the general sense that mass seems a property of chiral differences, yet independently of complexified quaternion like algebra.

**5 The codon system organically of a 64 variable space algebra beyond speculative coincidence (Ulla- which space would be encoded by the DNA?, yours was a great earlier comment by-the-way.) is ideal as a physical realization of these models unto epi-genome methylation- vanishing leaving a structure as if inner and outer changes connected or set in space once connected, charges drained or freely there or not between say protons and electron shells in the inorganic nuclear analog to this model of a higher quasic level of language where the arithmetic can shift intelligibly and the geometry can explain shells and nucleation and energy-density differences.

**5b [beyond certain limits nature has supplied such a comprehensive range of experiments past the mechanisms of vanishing that they are invisible to those who rely on and try to set up scientific experiments for evidence when that is all around them- nor may we conclude from true spurious coincidence that the pattern is true when what it involves is not subject to experiment at all necessarily]

**6 Thus we establish raw group effects as if an inner operations language real or virtual (in the same representational dimension here) such that these may freely interact in a space or ordering without clear general beginnings (initial states) nor a hierarchy of sub-groups as hereditary only, yet intelligible.

**7 Also the state of code reading in a system establishes and evolving "now" in the mainstream (reaching again the paradox of what more and how comprehensive the general evolving states possible of matter and space- beyond the string-like ideas and space groups of Dirac and Eddington (Thus I combined two equally in our time bizarre theories.).

A photo will be forthcoming- for now imagine instead of flatland with dark flow we have a three space counting or magic square ordering (the hypercube) the first being "Kakok" and the second being "Makal" and note the symmetries which are not hidden in labeling the points. (sometimes such symmetries to our natural and the universe's compression and compactions of view are not obvious and seem irregular).

Uroid for me a general term of any scale from the iota particle-string to the overview of the zero x infinity Omnium universe. In the mapping of the abstract higher structures than on a particular scale or difference in scales we note between discrete circular regions this difference of thirteen within it is 25 between them no mater how far in the span we extend the grid. But of course this is only one simple example of the complexity of space- In a sense this answers what is substance and what is the nature of vacuum between it on a higher abstract level, but here we also understand how we can only observe certain physical laws over a few differentiations... how far in the dark flow can accelerated accelerations go?

It was interesting to learn of Mohamed riding the Horse B. to survey the levels of Heaven. Or my image of Washington the equestrian on the seal of the Confederacy and the noble experiments of successive revolutions. Perhaps Einstein on a ray of light that is still seen, still commands unto itself the flame and center as if a white and black hole beyond the light expanding (surely one can see that I too have used some of his models and contemplations toward a wider understanding of the universe despite my complaint of what is myth and what is the reality of our legends?)

But in our time we are torn between the dark flow of fortuitous winds in models of space of questionable ubiquity deep into or dreams and bones. Like the Christ I enter the city of learning upon an ass- and that is the most stretchable of things because Moses tied his ass to a tree and walked forth forty miles. I pass as a leaf between these spheres, and planes, and saddles to ride the ocean itself... some of us can ride the whorl wind, and some of us can command it- and for awhile we see the wide beauty of the landscape and its flowers columbine and Colorado, some Odin blind with a stud of many legs more than the unicorn, (How deep we think with suspension of disbelief we are entertained or allow others to entertain us that we touch something universally in childlike images and myth must be what it touches upon...and I know when I spread my bedroll to the fertile and virgin ground and lead my horse to rest and drink, that I have lost nothing by my dreaming and gained the deep and simple pleasure with difficulties and aching of my spine- of sleeping under the stars.

* * *

Check out this interesting youtube video found near Stan Tenens at :

string theory:

Clearly there is a lot of light here where it really is invisible and abstract- and what is the grid of the little compact balls of hidden dimensions- whatever the geometry involved even these may be subject to a wider view of what can compact or expand of such higher dimensional and quasic densities. It is not clear either just how between natural dimensions we are to regard different strengths of things like gravity or other energy effects are to be viewed as so mystically distant and inexplicable- or from some flame center of a tent as absolute.

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