Sunday, October 17, 2010


Magnetar L. Edgar Otto 10-17-10

We once dreamed only of the earth, before it thought

flat or round, that within the nothingness was everything

Then our clockwork of the planets and celestial holes

of fire, we still or the sun center, God held by a wire

Newton tamed the tides, his levers weighed the spheres

blemishes on perfection, we nothing special, anywhere the storm of stars

Einstein folded up the dewdrops and crosses of a boundless city

three players in one galactic cocoon on crusades

While Hubble cataloged the clouds, and Becquerel

the broken light beneath the spatial dynamo of frontiers

So we stand and that we do fancy we unique before

that old mystery we whisper, could there be a multiverse?

With keener sight, more of us, the pulsars, freckles and moles

metastasis, more still in our core than seen between us.

* * *

* * *

What was on the other side of the church at night with its decorated style windows? How blurred our vision for those of us have forgotten how to read after the ravages of plague- are we one with the glass windows that tell a story of the light that goes beyond the star ship within or we see into the beyond looking at ourselves in the dreaming. A social gathering I found out, inside was a jazz band, not bad, and all the people clapping...

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