Friday, October 22, 2010

Direct and Indirect Dialog and Thinking

Direct and Indirect Dialog and Thinking

[In progress to be posted later, perhaps today- but it is a rather poetic idea I am mulling over in my mind... well, maybe this is enough for now: ]

She says she does not want to talk to me but stares up talking through her window..."

That some pass away makes us feel vulnerable and yet enhances the bonds in a way that we realize the fragile depth and beauty of the reality of another as if we need the old argument we cannot see the good without the evil. So looking or talking to the side (and all such dialog can be seen as talking to oneself) for we really cannot know an others state of mind when our chiral dreams bounce off each other and collide or merge. But what I am trying to show or say is more direct- a direct thought as if we face an idea or even our vanishing or the truth of someone else vanishing head on. That in fact today I so much more cherish life and thoughts and others, so much more that things can have the depth of enhanced reality if we take the trouble to drink deeply of her aura, hold her frail thin wrists, be able to state for long into her eyes and we not turn away from the gaze, nor be embarrassed as if hypnotized to hypnotize in a dance indirectly heed the animal magnetic suggesting- thus to let her know I care for her faults and hold so precious each stumble against the fall to what we can be careful not to drop or crush, to learn to care for life itself- face not just fears and the initial dark of the cosmos or the gods, but love directly, love whose moment is not just immortal sun, but alive.

* * *

Brief except from facebook dialog this morning with Sultan Ratrout that relates to this semi-poetic post:

[do we face our fears head on? Can we stare into the sun or the face of our lover if we are embarrassed? And yes, can we know her name? Can we see the face of God? and so on]
reality acquires the shape of delusion when we think excessively.
or think too strictly

... we need woman and maybe need her to be evil in that we can see God all the more
yet evil is not necessary is it?
(should have included that ambiguous thing)

- here, how should I feel about my friend Jessica passing away- I mean the poem in a way was a stoic response. Maybe a delayed sadness in a subject much greater than any poem
- I mean today I am much more spontaneous and the world much more real and much more optimistic- I a closer to care for life and people and for the miracle of their thoughts and bodies
-we should not walk on egg shells with our own hearts, life is too short
and if it is a delusion then let us if we survive it learn and be deluded!
poetic license maybe

* * *

Facebook status on my mind:

L. Edgar Otto I am quite amazed how much information say on math and physics is now at my finger tips and how far casually I have come and understood it. But I really feel now that there not enough time to grasp it all- in the end it is much easier to reinvent the wheel for it,

L. Edgar Otto at least and in my own language I have found what I was searching for and can mediated the issues with sounder opinions. After all, I see the community of physicists and crackpots? as just humans in the struggle for ideas with themselves and others.

* * *
Lubos made an informative and kind reply to my comment today:


This post stands out as one of your best I have read. I can quite imagine one day a new generation will look back at our era and people (even in blogspace) and judge where they may have been going down the wrong paths or seemed to have vast but modest insights. I think your praise for Feynman was understated (he did think about partons, wow!).


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