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The Architectonic Soul

The Architectonic Soul

The idea of a quasic plinth-(on) or freely and independently scaled pixel-like region of the quasic plane is in that sense a quasi-irreducible region of space and logic. (heretofore, I have called such concepts as "quabic" in my mythological poems I called "Spheredream", In a sense it is a division of the Godhead in which the concept of such abstract division under unity was at least five, the forth being what I imagine when certain ideas of philosophy, notably Kant and Aristotle, are better understood, that next stage of physics as we imagine it today as science- a sort of pure four dimensionality.) This post primarily concerns the Trinitiarian or three foldness as a part of the general structures of physics. It has implications, simplistic or otherwise, for ID Creationism (or Biologos, Theistic Evolution). Without doubt the Deism of say Einstein is not enough to contain these insights and intuitions that recur in the human heart of peoples over time in our species. It may be that quantum theory has undermined the idea that the hypothesis of God is not a needed assumption (for there is no determined clockwork, even if it can be thought so in the mind of a distant and transcendent timeless God). We should try to understand these subtle if not empty aspects of our psyches which empircally may indeed seem more of a strictly scientific concept than what we think of vaguely or empty and vacuum in the camps that debate just how science and religion serve different or one purpose in our comprehension and reality of being.

I am amazed, not so much as my own attempts at interpretations and explanations (although I rather am annoyed so much was taught in physics as the truth of things without cautioning it as only theory),but how in the last half of the century in the midst of progressively deeper exploration of our world how ideas where considered then such as that of "irreducible complexity" that in retrospect seem at best of questionable logic in the long run- the likes of Hoyle and Watson solving the problem at least locally that the seed of life came from outer space for example. In all of this they are really asking about some fundamental intuitions from the next round of research, experiment and theory. Some texts of but last year contain mysteries that now make them obsolete.

* * *

The generation problem of particle physics to me is a quabic or quasic space problem.
(That the universe begin or did not so in any of the religions is not for me a question that should apply to the general scheme of cosmology for in some ways such questions are artifacts of our incomplete knowledge and are conjugate to our incomplete faiths.) One can find the three-ness everywhere, beginning with the idea of three space. As often said this can be seen as a numerological coincidence and that space structures, like numbers, can be found as a foundation, but ones that could be so general in their simplicity so as to contain maximum meaning with little information, or as the number 3, maximum information but hardly any meaning.

If we regard the genome (of which we only found about a fifth of the 100K expected genes and we as a species not that far in that number from others- yet these differences seem qualitative in a sense they can crudely measure evolutionary distances between species) as a matter of permutations of the bases of which in some place the order is not biased and thus not degenerate- which is a third generation problem akin to the triplication of electrons, muons, and tauons... we can to some extent categorize things on a next highest level again as if natures does restrict and design and categorize aspects of the unity of herself.

What to the school-men and poets throughout history tell us in their introspection? That the unity of the soul is more than body and mind, more in fact than what they saw as spirit as distinct from soul. Today, we imagine our soul, if we can imagine it, being as a distance from even the idea of a splitting of Mind or consciousness, as a unitary being- perhaps an underlying unity in the chaos and complexity within an idea of measurable space and time as a theory of everything, an idea in the mind of God of each of us even before or after our living.

Why could the soul not be three if the particles can be? Why could not the same concept say inertia be expressed from different perspectives under one principle or mechanism? Charge and gravity for example two sides of the same coin?

But I do not come to this from some philosophical or religious principle- rather from thoughts on higher dimensional geometry as applied first to our physical bodies. While I have suggested to others in the field to apply string theory to the structure of our genome- have I really asked how to apply my own quasics to the system? If we take the permutations of the bases of the codon as unbiased and in some sea of infinite-finite unity we might conclude that our physical bodies could have three distinct forms and we generally observe one of them (although like with the neutrinos these forms are thought to be changing into each other sometimes for various reasons.)

Thus, while we can imagine an algebra of groups, say the 1152 of the four dimensional 24 cell (that is 24 octahedra, and it is self dual) and that these may interact regions as if they were particles or the skeleton of particles and in fact here we have the hint of a mechanism or logic of it all to allow the universal and inevitable rise of living structural forms with variety and within a range complexity, that this can be broken down orthogonally into three hypercubes in one example of decay or counting between structural parts. 16 is the key number of fine tuned variables that Creationism would hold as set from outside or initially by the Deity or this explained for those who do not want to face the complications of a multiverse one who in theory may sustain or intervene (paradoxically from our view)- so the 16 points of a hypercube abstractly as the fixed body of an organism (which in itself is a trinity say of the reading of the genome).

Upon this we have the analogous structure or the mind or consciousness processes. Next what we may designate as the soul proper. Of course in the various faiths there are many more complex intuitions and arrangements- but not a sea of them that is daunting in the possibilities as if our metaphors of creation have ran wild against the order of things until our concepts and languages are incomprehensible.

I do not mean simply a ball and stick, Euclidean model of things, for we have those who see the flow of space, of surfaces and continuity and so on. The hexagon, the rhombic dodecahedron, the 24-cell are like a sequence in our 9 dimensional broken into three space. If in fact there is an oil or water drop concept and it does take external things like force to change the motion, or say heat as if in the lavaverse rising and falling- the convection at any breaking of the drops involves the creation of tori, and other hidden genus fields in the topological view- in fact two spheres can be historically shown equivalent to such a three space torus- and that is the volume of a surface of a hyperspehere. Geometric theories are intelligible and seem to fit the general scheme of things as well as the algebra.

So, there are partons and quarks of our general being or soul- and we can learn much from the ancient myths of quiet mediators- perhaps almost reach such a gods-eye view and find much of what we have been told was true or not quite besides the fact of what is the universe and what we are and are to do in it. But at this stage of the new "architecture" of our souls I am not making explicit calculations or claiming the explicit nature of the notions worked out. Nevertheless, my contemplations in this rather metaphysical area do explain a lot of things about faith and mind I have wondered about- and while we may claim science and philosophy, religion may have some worldwide ideal of unity- I expect it not to be in any of the explicit forms we now use to justify or argue for such a co-existence.


σχήμα and polyschema Kant: patterns through time. I note that Schopenhaur like many who think of such geometric patterns for physics holds little regard for the idea- too transcendentally vague I suppose (he certainly understood it unlike many who discuss Kant- I seemed to have stumbled on a lot of standard philosophy today) and I was surprised to find from a link form Sultan asking about the Islamic position on the big bang that the book I read last night by Collins who did work on the genome and aimed for Theological Evolution in his creationism- a book I found obsolete and shallow but evidently the ideas of ID were discussed extensively on the philosophychatforum and sciencechatforum - and his references to Hawking, Dawkings, Dennet and so on- seemed to be influences from 1991 and hardly direct or original thinking.

Interestingly in my Spheredream or Olney myths he rides the Buncle Ob to explore the heavens, and its symbol is the five flamed candle. Of course the oeconomy of this finned beast as a negation or complex thing also sees the godhead as 8. Ideas I imagine are symmetry breaking in the subconscious of the physicists now, but they do not see the inversions of things when it comes to hidden symmetries and vectors.

Where Collins hints the Islamic view may not be close to the big bang idea, a question I asked Sultan (Hinduism is from the standpoint of nothingness then creation) to which he found verses Quran of the splitting and fire of the gas in the beginning- a question really of the infinite and transcendence of things, I reply the ultimate of the infinities in infinities at the frontier of concepts. The Buddhist of course have a hard time with a finite but bounded universe, and Collins seems to reject the multiverse as an okham like theory of creationism.

Can it be that Kant stands a lot higher now than once thought at the turn of the century? Can it be that morals aside and starry sky above, that the metaphysics of the Jewish mythology and the Christian mythology are also needed to ground a unified theory of physics if we but choose to sort out things this side of a possible heaven?
If the Quran says, surviving the question of what came before a supposed big bang or even crunch that the universe expands---again, the infinite tessellations of the scheme in art, an intrinsic expansion of vectors transcendent if that is the case of vectors in the usual sense of a dark flow and real flow of time and space.

* * *

Imagine the 24 cell broken into 24 octahedra each duplicated its six points. In a sense, Diracian really, do we not have 144 or 12 squared as a sort of intelligibility of the algebra? What sort of computation of matrices would that number cut in half minus 64 = 8 or 144 - 12 = 132 shy 4 or 5 = 136 ? but this is still a vague numerology of which such schemes of numbers appear to the novices who hold suspect and justly so the coincidences of numbers out of universal or multiversal context.

* * *
In the illustration the idea is we can be blind and half-blind, one or two eyes, or see and half see...

The Otto symbol, one of a double explosion she with such beautiful eyes liked, and one from last night of the five sticks that hold together until you drop them as something we made of Popsicle sticks in childhood play to watch them break apart when dropped as a symbol for things in this post- after all one can make a pentagram that holds together of five sticks- a fifth dimension of sorts in symmetry. But as with making a variable candle mold of the mollet, or star, the dimensions stack and hide each other to limit possibilities in subtle ways.

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