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INSEI: Unity and Cognitive Partition of the Creator Concept

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On the Unity and Cognitive Partition of the Creator Concept:

*j The context design of a language in relation to we being aware of it intimately or in the background is like a relation to our dreams and the debate in psychology as if these have direct or symbolic meaning or perhaps no meaning at all.

*k In Eastern concepts of the Structure (Oeconomics) of a Diety we have the instability of the idea of the Unity of a single Creator broken logically so that someone may explain or be aware of a fundamental notion. This can risk all the problems and debates with such a breakdown. The Islamic thought that this amounts to polytheism in Christianity for example. But it can be seen after all as if a sort of logic of syllogism, the three-ness of things as Peirce saw it which in effect does not at some general idea of unity distinguish really what is primary and what are the conclusions where they are valid in the design of a logical system. The Hindu also has a three way division or partition of the Deity. Is it clear that one person designated as the Father (in Christianity) as a part of the three is an echo of the Creator as the many mysteriously found as the three on one? I suggest that, just as recently the triune physics of quarks in a proton, dimensions and string theory for example suggested finally by others, even Jewish researchers, as an age of Christian physics- that the cognition of these design systems and their logic is a matter of the natural step in the construction of words as tri-syllable, that is cvcvc. For me the God is not just free of such design concepts of numbers in relation to our cognition of Him, even zero, but beyond the concept of number we can imagine of a greater compass of effects.

* * *

In our dreams we can be aware of the design of the state of our dreaming. We can dream of the falling- dreams that it is said lead to intellectualization. Thus we are cognizant of our thoughts and reflect upon them intimately aware or not if they are part of our own perceptions or of something other, external.

One dream in particular comes to mind in various forms. I does so because of the good news from the Chilean miners rescued holding the world's interest. In some ways it describes some structures in the universe or how to see them. It is a dream of descent into a linear or tunnel like place of which as if a fall it is hard to rise back up if we can do so at all. The way is narrow and can be blocked up or down by what we may encounter in this linear dimensions- perhaps a deep relation to our awareness of the flow of time.

Three quarters of a million dollars per person was the cost of rescue. But more than this the psychological lessons applied to those who have to struggle not only with an existing circumstance of survival but isolation itself. Lessons from the time one has to bring back researchers in the Antarctic for example when they should keep close attention to the environment at hand and not be distracted by dreams of back home, food and loved ones. This advice I understand recently is given to recruits in basic training in the army so that in an isolated circumstance one can monitor and perhaps change the mental state for preparation for the stresses of a wartime theater. I can see better these changes in others. I can see how these ideas of controlling people may make them a more efficient machine and battle hardened in a time the society has not strength or heart for hand to hand war.

But what is it in dreams where there is hope over the despair that we can imagine and rise to redemption and endure the rise of awareness of past good and past hardship- thus to find a better world and one of positive freedoms, open enquiry?

Perhaps the study of creation, and especially of the concept of Creator, is not the environs at hand in which it is expedient to direct our scientific research. But to dismiss the wide scope and make us robots of love and hope is at least an injury to the scope of the human mind and anything in our hopes of past, present, and ages to come of this universe, to science itself, to what we are as human and creative.

* * *

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L. Edgar Otto Sometimes it occurs to me that I have been in the habit so long thinking for myself and relying on ideas I have buildt up that there is a whole world out there for input from knowledge and others. We all need a self-reality check once in awhile, at least to be aware of what ideas only are our own.

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